We’re Still Gateworthy . . .

After being told we probably wouldn’t be sent out until tomorrow, the call came about 3:15 to head ‘em up and move ‘em out today. And at about 3:45, we did.

We were sent to what I call the 2nd gate. Right off US-281A and only about 6 miles from the GGS office.

Whitsett Gate 2

And as it turns out, the previous gate guards that work for another company did not know they were being replaced until this afternoon.

We were able to park on the other side from where these guards are parked. This puts our windshield pointing east rather than west into the afternoon sun. It will really help with keeping things cool.

This was what we refer to as a ‘Hot Gate’. We hit the ground working, Jan logging vehicles in and out while I was getting the rig parked and everything set up. We had the usual great support from the Gate Guard Services guys, who had our power, water, and sewer trailers all set up and ready to go.

About 5:30 I drove back over to the Interstate and got us BBQ sandwiches for supper at Choke Canyon BBQ. Turned out to be pretty good.

I went in after supper and tried to sleep for a while before my 11p – 7a shift started but didn’t have much luck with that. But I bet I’ll sleep good next time.

More from the Whitsett Gate tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

“The burden upon us is that we are not ruled by men of ordinary ignorance, but of extraordinary ignorance.” – G.K. Chesterton 1922



6 Responses

  1. Being the bearer of bad news is like wearing the mask of Donald Trump “your fired” and all they did wrong was work for a company that lost a bid. Do you get a shift differential for working the graveyard shift? Prolly not as it would come out of Jan’s shifts and her shift starts early enough.
    Thanks for the info about gate guarding I had read of it but never knew what for sure it involved

  2. Glad you got the “good” gate with workable internet and phone!

  3. Happy for you! Sounds like a nice gate job. Congrats!

  4. Well be down in San Anton the first of Oct for a week…checking out campgrounds south of their….Wondered if we could stop by and visit…

  5. Now just as long as they don’t decide your assignment is too cushy and reassign you to a gate in the middle of no where….. Anyway enjoy it while it lasts…. Might be for the entire time….. (fingers crossed)) :-D….

  6. LeRoy,

    No shift differential.

    The pay is $125 a day, whether it’s for one person, or two or more.

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