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After a quiet morning, probably one of our last for a while, I checked my Amazon shipping email and found that my new canopy had been delivered so I drove over to the office to pick it up, and also see if there was any update on our new gate.

I was really glad I drove over because I found that the canopy weighs about 50 pounds.

Coleman Canopy

Coleman 13 x 13 Canopy

I also picked up our hats and vests, so I guess we’re semi-official now

GGS Hat & Vest

Found out that there will be three new gate guards going into the new site, two on Monday, and one on Tuesday. Based on what Jamie said yesterday sounds like we may be the ones on Tuesday. But of course that could change. We’ll see.

Later, about 3:15, Jan and I headed into San Antonio for dinner, but we took a detour over through Whitsett and up US281A to see if I could find where our new gate might be located based on the rough details I had been given.

And about 3 miles up the road I think we found it. The sign says it’s an Aurora Oil Co. lease which supposedly ours is.

Whitsett Gate 1

Doubt we’ll be going into this front gate. At least without some work. Our rig just wouldn’t fit there. Supposedly we’re going to be parked near a railroad track, and according to the map, there are some tracks about 1/2 mile off the road. But, again, we’ll see.

Our dinner destination in San Antonio was the Magic Time Machine. It’s one of our favorite places, and we’ve been eating here for about 30 years.

Magic Time Machine 1b

The unique thing about MTM is that waiters and waitresses are all dressed up as storybook, comic book, and movie characters.

In past visits, we’ve had Wonder Woman

Magic Time Machine 4

and the Joker taking care of us.

Magic Time Machine 5

Tonight our waiters were Pinocchio and the Lone Ranger. We also saw Batgirl, Supergirl, Jack Sparrow, Peter Pan, The Mad Hatteress, Pocahontas, Minnie Mouse, and a number of others.

One thing I really like that they do is that every table gets two waiters/waitresses, like Pinocchio and Lone Ranger above. This way you’re not waiting for an iced tea refill because your only waiter is tied up at another table. Someone’s always available to take care of you.

Another thing unique here is that the Salad Bar is actually a Salad Car. In this case, a 1952 MG TC. Neat!

Magic Time Machine 2

Oh, and in addition to the entertainment, they cook a great steak too!

Heading home we stopped off at a Lowe’s to pick up an Enduracool Towel. These towels are a passive evaporative cooler that does a great job of keeping you cool on hot days. A perfect addition to help keep us cool on our gate. This Youtube Video will give you more info on the Enduracool Towel.

But it turned out that they were out, and the closest place that had them in stock was Kerrville. So it was off to Amazon.

And Amazon had for $10, $5 cheaper than Lowe’s. And free two day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Large Enduracool Towel

Enduacool Towel

Finishing up, several readers wanted to see Jan’s Oil Rig decal. So here it is  It’s about 6 inches high and originally the ‘Oil Life” text was directly underneath the derrick, but I cut it off with scissors and moved it down so it would fit better.

Oil Rig Sticker

Tomorrow, still waiting.


Thought for the Day:

"It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood." — Karl Popper N.B.


5 Responses

  1. We bought the Enduracool and the only thing they are good for is – – – NOT MUCH. These are one more “hot item” like Snuggly and other crap sold on TV. I took ours back for a full refund. Your experience may vary.

  2. George,

    We’ve got friends gate guarding out in west Texas and they swear by them.

    I suspect that the difference is the humidity. The misting system we use on the gate here would be useless back in Houston where the humidity runs 95+.

    But here where it runs 50 to 60 percent, it works great.

  3. So there are places in Texas where there’s low humidity? Where please? or are you in a totally different state?

  4. Laurie,

    Actually the area where we gate guard, about 60 miles south of San Antonio, has much lower humidity than Houston, or anywhere along the coast. North and Central Texas are also lower.

    The really high humidity is along the Gulf Coast.

  5. Thanks! Good to know. we currently live on the east coast and will be FTing in 3 years. I really hate (yes, hate) the humidity here and will be going places with the least amount!

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