Old Park, New Park?

After being on the road pretty much continuously for the last couple of weeks, it was nice to have a quiet morning of just coffee and not much else.

Jan and I had been thinking about where we will stay when we come back to Houston for the winter starting right before Thanksgiving. For the last 5 years we’ve always stayed at Galveston Bay RV Park down near Dickinson.

Galveston Bay Sunset

GB RV 1201a

It’s hard to give up views like this out our windshield, but since Brandi and her family have moved out to the Katy area west of Houston, we talked about finding someplace more central, kind of half way between our son, Chris, and his family, and Brandi and hers. And once we got here to Advanced RV Park and saw how nice it was, we were thinking that this might be our place to spend the winter.

So a little after noon I walked over to the office to check out the possibility. But that idea quickly got shot down. After the lady checked the computer, she said she could accommodate us for the 2-3 months as long as we didn’t mind leaving the park for 5 or 6 weekends and then coming back in. Otherwise, no go.

They have 201 sites here, 108 pull-thrus, and 93 back-ins, so you think they’ve have some room. But the 93 back-ins are only 35’ long, so we wouldn’t fit in those.

Oh, well. It was worth a try.

Finally about 3:30 Jan and I drove over to Brandi’s and Lowell’s new house. So new in fact, that her subdivision isn’t on any maps, much less her street or address. Street Atlas, Streets and Trips, or my Garmin GPS with the latest map updates, does not show any roads there at all.

Google Maps shows the subdivision streets listed as ‘Proposed’. But having visited the area before, and knowing roughly where it was, we were able to find it with only one wrong turn.

Landon was still at daycare when we got there, so first up we got a tour of their new house. And boy is it beautiful. And big. Depending on the room, it has either 14 or 15 foot ceilings. Like I said, Big.

It’s two stories, and has 4 bedrooms, a study/bedroom, a media room, and 4 baths. Like I said, Big.

Brandi's New House 1

Brandi's New House 2

When we first saw pictures as it was being built, we wondered how it was going to work with the dark oak plank flooring and matching dark kitchen cabinets. But with the high ceilings, light gray walls, and white floor and ceiling trim, it’s perfect.

A little later, Jan and Brandi drove over to pick up Landon from daycare and dinner from a Peruvian chicken place called Pollo Bravo. When they got home, Landon hit the floor running, wanting to show us everything. He just goes and goes.

The Peruvian chicken was really good, especially with fried plantains, and a very spicy green sauce. Really good.

After a great time, Jan and I headed home about 8:30, stopping right down the road to get a car wash. The truck was just filthy from being behind the rig with all the rain we’ve been going through. In fact it was really hard to see out the side windows, so it was needed.

We knew there had been some stormy weather down this way while we were visiting Brandi’s. but found out how stormy when we got back to the rig and found our sat dish and stand blown over and around on the side of the rig.

Sat Dish Blown Over

When we left it was around in the front of the rig. It must have been really, really windy because the stand and dish have stayed up during 50 and 60 mph winds down at Galveston Bay. I was kind of worried about the sat dish being damaged by hitting the concrete, but setting it back up and telling it to re-align took care of it.

Tomorrow is Landon’s 3rd birthday party. Next Tuesday, the 20th, is the actual date, but tomorrow is the party. They’ve rented one of those big blow-up water slides for the kids, so they should have blast.


Thought for the Day:

Remember how in 1994 a rodeo clown set up a dummy wearing a mask of President George H. W. Bush for the bull to tear apart? Remember how the clown was banned for life, other people were fired or resigned, and there was a loud public outcry?

Nope. Me neither.



4 Responses

  1. Love the new home and the colors but oh soooo big! Been there, done that and now love cleaning just the motorhome. Jan, I love your expression sitting at the bar……kinda like you’re saying, ‘it’s beautiful but sure glad I don’t have to clean this’. Enjoy time with family!

  2. I thought you were going to gate guard?

  3. Donna,

    We are.

    We’re just stopping over for a few days for Landon’s 3rd birthday and then we’ll head down to Whitsett on Thursday.

    Then we’ll be back here the Sunday before Thanksgiving as usual.

  4. Phyllis,


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