Landon Bound . . .

Just in time for me to start getting things ready to travel this morning, it started pouring down once again. Luckily I had hooked up the truck last night so that didn’t need to be done. I ended up doing everything else outside in my shorts, T-shirt, and Crocs before finishing up inside and changing out of my wet clothes.

We pulled out of the Benchmark RV Park about 9am heading for Poche’s Fish N Camp and RV Park in Breaux Bridge, LA. Since rain was forecast all along our route, and we had a little over 300 miles to travel, we got a little earlier start than normal.

We did have rain pretty much all the way, but nothing like the gully washer we had yesterday. Jan took over a little before 11 and drove until we got into Louisiana. Of course, it rained even harder after that, but she handled it just fine.

But things ground to a halt coming into Baton Rouge, literally. Because of the heavy traffic merging from I-10 and I-12, and a jackknifed semi on the I-10 approach to the Paul Russell Memorial Mississippi Bridge, it took us over 45 minutes to go the 4 miles, but finally we were across the bridge and pulling into Poche’s a little before 4pm.

Poche’s is another very nice Passport America park at $18 for 50 FHU.

Poches RV Park 2

Poche's Sunset

All the sites here border around one of the several fishing lakes with a nice view in every direction.

Getting set up and the truck unhitched, we headed out for dinner at Pont Breaux (nee Mulate’s). We’ve really been looking forward to a big bowl of Seafood Gumbo all day. And of course Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce for dessert. We’ve been eating there for over 20 years, and although Jan sometimes orders something different, I’ve never had anything else but Gumbo. It’s that good.

Tomorrow we’ve got a 240 mile trip back to Landon. And the rest of the family, of course. But we ARE talking Landon here.


Thought for the Day:

No tyrant should ever be allowed to die of natural causes.



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