More Shrift . . .

Today was another 9am breakfast at Denny’s morning. And although it is a Denny’s it functions more like a busy small town dinner, where everyone knows everyone else, and people wander from table to table greeting friends and neighbors.

This Denny’s is part of Fast Stop truck stop, and since we need diesel tomorrow before we leave, and since we’re also meeting for breakfast there again, I thought about getting diesel there, but just in case I also checked the Wal-Mart on the other side of the Interstate, and I’m glad I did.

The Fast Stop has diesel for $3.92, and the Wal-Mart has it for $3.75, quite a difference from one side of the Interstate to the other. So we’ll go down early, fill up and hitch up at the Wal-Mart, then meet everyone across the street for breakfast.

After breakfast, Jan headed back to Debbie’s with them, while I headed back to the rig to get some work done. But first I made a quick stop to pick up some Powerball tickets since it’s up to $445+ million with tonight’s drawing.

I spent the afternoon working on a bunch of web stuff, including editing a webpage for a new product my client is going to be carrying. I had set up the page previously using a lot of the verbiage from the product’s website. What was confusing was that we got an email from the company requesting changes in the webpage text because they didn’t like what I had put up there. The confusing thing was that almost all of the text they wanted changed was from their website, not the text I had written. And the reason they wanted it changed was that they thought “it didn’t convey the correct information about the product.”


About 5:00 I headed about 15 miles south to meet everyone at the Crossroads Restaurant. Pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, it sits at an actual crossroads, and it’s very busy, especially on Wednesday nights when it’s All You Can Eat Fried Chicken night. So busy that it’s a good idea to have reservations, like we did.

After a great meal of fried chicken, we ended up talking for another hour or so, before saying good night and heading home.

Tomorrow we’ll leave here about 8am to let us get diesel before we we meet for breakfast. Then it’s long 395 mile day to Athens, AL to spent some time with my side of the family.


Thought for the Day:

"That’s the wonderful thing about science, one gets such wholesale returns in speculation on such a trifling investment of fact." – Mark Twain



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