Missed it by that Much . . .

We woke up this morning to heavy rain and a lot of thunderboomers that lasted most of the morning, but by early afternoon it had all faded away to just a heavy overcast.


I’ve heard of houses on stilts, but RV’s?

He better hope a strong wind doesn’t come up.

RV on Stilts 2


Jan and I headed out to Mishawaka about 1:45pm. We were planning on seeing a movie, R.I.P.D., that started at 2:50, but we left earlier than normally necessary because there was a wreck at Exit 69 on the I-90 Toll Road that was blocking traffic in both directions. But since we were getting on at Exit 92 and off at Exit 93, I figured we should be OK. But I added extra time anyway. And I’m glad I did.

When came over the hill to our Mishawaka exit, the traffic was backed up as far as we could see, ending right after our exit. If we’d been 5 minutes later, we would have been blocked from our exit and stuck on the Interstate, behind 14 miles of backed up traffic.

We really wanted to like R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department). The concept of a Police Department that retrieves evil ‘deado’s from the earth and returns them to the afterlife is a fun concept. But it just didn’t click. We didn’t dislike it, but we wanted more. It was close.

Other movies like Ghost, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, and Betelgeuse took similar off-the-wall concepts and made them hits. But the common thread in all these movies was humor, a lot of humor. Don’t get me wrong, R.I.P.D. had humor. Jeff Bridges as an 1880’s Wild West U.S. Marshall was great. And Ryan Reynolds held his own as the “rookie”. But overall, it was a miss. A near miss, but a miss still.

Leaving the movie, we stopped off at Sam’s Club to pick up a prescription that wasn’t ready the other day. Then it was on to a nearby Famous Dave’s BBQ for probably the last time this year. They don’t have any down in our area, so we wanted to get in one more shot. Since we’d had popcorn at the movie, we weren’t super hungry so we split a rib platter along with an extra side. The ribs were delicious, and even after splitting the platter, we were too full for the Bread Pudding that we usually split.

Heading home, we saw that the Interstate was now clear, making a lot of drivers happy.

Tomorrow we’ll get ready to travel on Sunday, and maybe take in another movie, RED 2, at the local theater. Then El Maquey for dinner.


Thought for the Day:

Complacency? Don’t worry about it.



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