Gluttons for Punishment . . .

It was really nice to sleep late this morning with nothing to see, or nowhere to go. Just do nothing.

Looks like we’re in for a nice spate of weather for the rest of our time here. It’s supposed to make it to 80 only one day with the rest in the mid 70’s, with pretty low chances of rain. Hope the forecast holds up. We’ve been lied to before.

About noon I went up to the park office to drop off a bundle of Gypsy Journal’s for Gita to hand out. She said people had been asking why she didn’t have any. Also got the WiFi password for the park.

In past years the Verizon 3G was good, but this year it’s pretty crappy. On the other hand the 4G on my phone is really good. This kind of supports something I heard that all the carriers are trying get everyone off 3G and their unlimited data plans, like my aircard, and onto their 4G metered plans.

They want to do away with the whole 3G system anyway, since it runs on a completely separate hardware system from 4G and it’s just an added expense.

About 3 Jan and I headed out for errands and dinner, with our first stop at the Great Clips for a hair trim for Jan. Then it was next door to Wal-Mart for a few things. Our last stop was the Ryan’s across the street for dinner. This is a great Ryan’s here and we always get a good meal.

Getting back to the rig after a big meal, Jan and I both ended up dozing off for a little while. Mister took this opportunity to knock the screen door open and go for a walkabout around the park. When I realized he was on the lam, I went outside and called him. I then checked on both sides of the rig looking for him. When I came back around the front, there he was, walking down the middle of the roadway, tail waving in the air, looking like he owned the place.

As I was herding him back to the rig, Glen and Gayla Hickey pedaled by and said “Hi”. They’re blog readers / Gypsy Rally attendees and were up in the Soo a few days behind us. It’s always good to run into friends on the road, one of the really great things about RVing.

As far as being “Gluttons for Punishment”, Jan and I have decided to do the gate guarding thing again this year, but on a slightly different schedule. Last year we did it from the middle of April to the middle of August, getting the hottest part of the year. This time it will be from the middle of August until the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so things will start cooling off fairly quickly.

I did put in a call to Jamie, our supervisor last year, who still had our number on his phone and recognized my call. He said he wouldn’t have a problem finding us a gate, so I guess we’re good to go.


Thought for the Day:

“You can’t sustain a nation when a large swath of the population has no stake in the principles upon which the nation was founded.”



5 Responses

  1. Hi, Greg & Jan, My husband & I work for Gate Guard Service also. We have been with them for 3 years. I read your blog everyday. Just thought you would like to know that Gate Guard is going to direct deposit. We just got our form today & will be sending it back tomorrow. Enjoy reading you blog.

  2. Jerry and Rita,

    Really glad to hear that. I was using Chase’s Online Deposit but kept exceeding their monthly deposit limit.

    This will make it a lot easier.

    Maybe we’ll see you down there.

  3. We were just at Elkhart Campground (love it there too) for a month from 6/9 to 7/9 for some RV work, etc. I noticed the VZ 3G service not good either….ugh! We’re in TN now & same here. I wondered if that’s what VZ was/is doing and really don’t want to go to Mifi. Have loved our air card ‘unlimited’ plan & have always had good service. Any thoughts or are you just going to stay with 3G for now?

  4. We have friends gate guarding now. Started in Feb and will leave mid August. Maybe you’ll get there gate.

  5. I had to give up my aircard for a mifi this last winter… WE were on T-mobile, which I realize is different than 3G but just the same it was unlimited… Where we had good service out in the Eastern edge of Mesa, suddenly the service went horrible… Of course the verizon 4G mifi was instantly much better…. So I think you are right, these phone companies all want us off of our unlimited plans…..! And 3G will be eliminated as a service….

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