Bridges and Parades . . .

Lucky for us the predicted all-night rain didn’t show up, so the grass under our rig had a chance to dry. And when it came time to back out of our site a little after 9am, we got out OK.

Before we left the Soo, we wanted to get some diesel, but taking the most direct way to the Interstate and our station took us up a steep hill with a traffic light at the bottom. If I could be sure that I could take the hill without stopping at the light, it wouldn’t be a problem. But if I got a red light it would be slow going up the hill, doable, but slow. Maybe that’s why the signs say ‘No Vehicles Over 5 Tons’. Could be.

So I had mapped out a new route that looked like it would work, and it did. The hill along that way was much shallower, and had no light at the bottom. The day was off to a good start.

And at the station it just got better. Diesel had dropped 2 cents a gallon since yesterday. The pumps were no-limit pump and pay, and had the big nozzles for a fast fill. It just kept getting better.

After topping off our tank, we got hitched up and got on I-75S heading for Manistee, MI, and the Little River Casino about 220 miles away. But then things started to go a little awry.

The heavily overcast skies started leaking all over our windshield, and pretty much kept it up all the rest of the trip. It never came down hard, but it did keep the wipers busy.

50 miles down the road and $14 from my wallet, we crossed the Mackinac Bridge, a first time for us. And it took us a while because we did it at 20mph.

Mackinac Bridge 1

Mackinac Bridge 2

The speed limit on the bridge is 45 mph, but it’s also 20 mph for Loaded Trucks. And then there’s the sign that says “Truck/Buses No Passing”. I always wonder about signs like this. I’m definitely not a truck, and I’m not a bus. But I am bus-like, or maybe bus-lite?, so where do I stand?

Anyway, I ended up behind a “Loaded Truck”, and there was so much traffic passing us at 45 (or faster) that I would have had a real problem getting out and around him. So there I stayed.

One thing I thought was funny is that apparently some people don’t like to drive on the open grating on the bridge deck. The way it’s built, the inside lane is grating, but the outside is concrete. A number of cars stayed with us behind the 20mph truck all the way across, but as soon as both lanes were concrete, they zipped out and around, and were gone.

A couple of miles off the bridge we turned west on US-31 to take the the scenic way down the lake. And it was really good that it was scenic because, between the rain, the numerous construction zones, the multiple small towns with 25mph speed limits, the parade, and the street fair, we had plenty of time to see it all.

We arrived at the Little River Casino about 4pm, and for a change, had no problem finding the RV park there. Believe it or not, they actually had signs leading us to it.

Since we’d been parked for a week with no sewer connection, before we parked at our site, we stopped off at the dump station. Our site is 50 amp and water, again with no sewer, but we’ll have it tomorrow in Elkhart.

We had leftovers for supper, but we’re going to head over to the casino tomorrow morning for the breakfast buffet before we leave. YUM.

Tomorrow we’ve got a 220 mile trip to Elkhart where we’ll be for a week, checking out all our favorite restaurants and places. We’re really looking forward to being back in Elkhart again.


Thought for the Day:

“Make crime pay. Become a lawyer.” – Will Rogers



4 Responses

  1. That bridge is majestic. Quite an engineering marvel. I used to love those larger diameter pump nozzles, and when we would fill from both sides it was almost scary how much fuel was pumped in so little time.

  2. If you stay in a casino RV park, do you then have to go play their machines too?

  3. Elizabeth,

    You don’t have to if you don’t want to. We didn’t play at all at either the Island Casino or the Little River Casino that we’ve stayed at recently.

    However some casino parks give you some slot cash to entice you to play.

    Back in 2009 we stayed at the RV park at the Hollywood Casino near Gulfport, and they gave us $20 each in slot cash.

    I gave mine to Jan and by the time she got finished, she’d paid for our 3 night stay at the park, all our meals, and we left with $100 in our pocket.

    You can’t beat that.

  4. We’ve stayed at Straits Park near St Ignace and only one time did we have to stay an extra day because of winds; they weren’t letting any “high profile” vehicles cross the bridge, including pickup trucks with caps, travel trailers, RVs and semis. We had a truck with cap and travel trailer. Double no. And the next morning the wind had abated enough that we had to be escorted over the bridge.

    One other time we went up to Canada to take the snow train and a half hour after we crossed the bridge to head home in a snow storm they closed the bridge to traffic because of the high winds and blowing snow.

    Every Labor Day weekend they have a bridge walk where you can walk across the bridge, usually with the governor. I haven’t done it yet, but it’s on my bucket list.

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