Bears and Elks . . .

Today was a designated “Goof Off Day”, consisting of reading, computers, and TV. It is kind of nice to just do nothing once in a while. And we did it very well.

As great as our site is here at the Elk’s Lodge, it’s got one problem. That’s keeping the coach leveled. This close to the water the ground is so soft that even using my 16” x 16” pads they just slowly sink into the ground. And not evenly, either. So now we have enough tilt to make it noticeable when we walk around. If it doesn’t get any worse, it may have bottomed out and I’ll re-level, maybe tomorrow.

The weather has been really nice since we got here, much cooler than our time down in the Wisconsin Dells. Yesterday the high was about 70, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 69 and sunny. Very Nice.

For dinner we had our left-over Chinese from our meal at China Cate this past Saturday night. Chinese is one of those left-overs that just gets better with age. Very good.

Then for dessert we had the free Bread Pudding we got at Famous Dave’s BBQ last Thursday night in the Dells. Bread Pudding also ages well.

Tomorrow we’ll make up the difference from today, with a very busy day planned. First we’ll head up to Whitefish Point and The Shipwreck Museum. Then coming back down we’re going to check out Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Then it’s down toward Newberry to visit Oswald’s Bear Ranch.

Then comes Jan’s favorite part. We’ll head down to Newberry to the Visitor’s Center to pick up a copy of their Moose Guide. Turns out there’s a lot of moose up here and Jan wants one. Well, she wants to see one, anyway.

Thursday we plan on driving across the bridge into Canada and maybe check our the Bushplane Museum.


Thought for the Day:

“The two most common elements in the Universe; Hydrogen and Stupidity. – Harlan Ellison



2 Responses

  1. Good morning! We met you at Nick’s last rally, sitting ’round the table with Speidel’s, etc, and enjoyed your “Gate Guarding” seminar. We are staying at a campground in Mackinaw City. Monday we did the boat tour of the lock/dams, drove to Paradise, saw both Tahquamenon Falls, and drove back to the c’ground around Highway 2. A full day.

    We admired your rig sitting along the river, going and coming on the boat tour.

  2. Greg if you are up for an adventure, ask the locals about Crisp Point Lighthouse. Very remote but oh so well worth the drive!

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