Four Time Zones in Four Weeks . . .

and a few days.

Before we left the Island Casino this morning, we took the Shuttle over to the restaurant to have breakfast before we headed out for Sault Sainte Marie about 185 miles north of here.

After a nice breakfast we got ready to pull out. Since we hadn’t unhitched the toad, or set up the sat dish, we had a lot less to do than normal. But before we left the casino area we wanted to dump our tanks since the Elk’s Lodge in Sault Sainte Marie where we’ll be for the next week doesn’t have sewer connections. So we want to start the week with empty tanks.

But although the dump station was empty when we went to breakfast and empty when we came back to the park, both sides were full when we queued up. The 5’er and the Class A were obviously together, and had no idea what they were doing. They were both already dumping when we pulled up, and 20 minutes later still weren’t finished.

Then when it looked like they were finishing up, they apparently decided they needed to take the time (our time!) to flush their tanks. By this time there were two more rigs in line behind me waiting . . .  and waiting.

Finally after about 30 minutes we got our turn. It took me 8 minutes and we were gone.

About a mile after we left the casino, we entered the Eastern Time Zone. We last left the Pacific Time Zone on June 15, so that means that in one month (and a few days) we’ve been in all four US time zones. We get around.

The trip was pretty smooth, but because we were on a lot of back roads we didn’t make very good time. But the scenery was nice. We got into Sault Sainte Marie about 3pm, found the Elk’s Lodge, parked, and got set up.

The view out our windshield, overlooking the locks, was fantastic.

SSM Elk's 1

SSM Elk's 2

SSM Elk's 3

We’re really looking forward to checking out the area in the next few days.

About 5 pm we headed out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant called China Cate. We thought it was going to be a buffet, but it turned out a small family-run place in downtown and it was really good, kind of like Luckie’s Thai in Tucson. And like Luckie’s they had a constant stream of takeout orders being picked up.

After that great meal, we drove out to the Walmart to pick up some kitty litter and then drove around for a while before heading back to the rig for the night.

Still not sure what we’ll do tomorrow yet. We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

"The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes." — Thomas Paine



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  1. You guys do get around. My son is going to college in Soo Ontario so give a wave across the river to him for me will you. :-)))
    Also check out Antlers restaurant while you are there. Not so great food but very cool to look around in …if you like animals.

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