Vegas on the Dells . . .

Today is our last day here in the Wisconsin Dells and we pretty much did nothing all day, just taking it easy.

I did redo the ground connection on the charge wire that keeps the toad battery charged while we’re towing it behind the rig. Everything was working fine until I had my Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar rebuilt at the recent Escapade in Gillette, WY. I noticed when the tech was working on it, he added new Teflon washers in the ball joint and I’m thinking that was enough insulation to keep the tow bar from acting as the ground connection between the toad and the rig. So now I’ve done a separate wire to fixe the problem.

I hope.

About 7 pm Jan and I headed into the Dells to have our last dinner here at Famous Dave’s BBQ. We’ve only got a few more weeks in Famous Dave’s territory and want to get in a few more meals.

As usual we had a great meal and got a bread pudding dessert to go. Free this time due to taking a online survey. Neat.

The Dells kind of reminds me of Vegas with all the out-sized attractions around town.

This is “Top Secret”, an overgrown version of those roadside ‘Mystery Houses” that you see in some areas.

Dells at Night 1

Dells at Night 2


Then there’s another large area with a Greco-Roman theme, complete with a Trojan Horse,

Dells at Night 3

and a Roman Coliseum.

Dells at Night 4


And here’s one of the smaller of the many waterparks in the area. They even have a number of very large indoor waterparks.

Dells at Night 5

Leaving Famous Dave’s, the sun had gone down so we spent some time driving around checking out all the lights on the attractions. Again, like a Vegas, Jr.

Tomorrow, after getting diesel, we’ll head north about 230 miles to the Island Casino in Wilson, MI. Then on Saturday we’ll be Sault Sainte Marie for a week, an area we’ve never visited and are really looking forward to seeing.


Thought for the Day:

"No Ordinary American cares about their Constitutional Rights." – Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., February 21, 2013, Western Connecticut State University



6 Responses

  1. The Upside down house is supposed to be the White House.
    The Dells have been a tourist trap town for more than 50 years.
    Looking forward to your report from the “Soo Locks” we are headed up there in Sept., with side trips to Mackinaw Island and Frankenmouth.
    We may take in Pres. museum or Library too. We live in Indiana so it’s not too far. Good blog.

  2. Norm,


    We’ll be park right on the locks at the Elk’s Lodge.

    Nick says it’s a great view.

  3. Love Sault St. Marie…Stayed at a campground there on the St. Mary’s River and watched the barges pass back and forth all day long. Love the area! Can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

  4. Greg–not by any stretch of the imagination am I a fan of the current administration but your Biden quote is not quite what he said, “no law abiding citizen of the United States fears in any way the infringement of their constitutional rights.” He’s wrong of course, these two law abiding citizens have feared just exactly that since this admin. took office!

  5. Loved staying at the Elks last year. We did a couple of blogs. Stayed there on our 50th anniv. on Aug 11, 2012. There is an App that tra ks the Lakers so you can see how long , what they are hauling and whose flag they fly. Also we took the dinner cruse right next door to the Elks. We LOVED the Soo.

  6. Janna,

    You’re right.

    I always check these things, (if it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right?) but when I saw the quote I Googled it and came up with a bunch of websites talking about it, so I figured it was legit.

    But after your comment I dug deeper and found that all the other sites were referencing the original site that had it wrong.

    Thanks for calling it to my attention.

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