Why Do Cows Huddle?

Since we would lose an hour about 3 miles down the road as we passed into the Central Time Zone, and also wanted to get diesel in Murdo, SD about 25 miles down the road, we left the park about 7:30 and headed east on I-90.

As we passed the 1880 Town we tried to check the diesel price at their Shell station, but it wasn’t posted anywhere and I didn’t want to drive up to the pumps without knowing the price, so we just headed on by.

We took on 59 gallons of diesel at the Murdo Pilot station at $3.89 a gallon ($3.86 after my Pilot discount card) and then after parking over to the side, we went back and got breakfast sandwiches from the Subway and Hazelnut coffee from the Pilot, and then got back on the road. Kinda thought about dropping some coins in the slots while we were there, as this is the only Pilot/Flying J I’ve ever seen that also has a casino inside.

Leaving Murdo and back on I-90 we came across this guy and his pet.

Dinosaur on a leash2

I wasn’t able to get a photo so I found this one online. Looks like they could both stand to put on a few pounds.

At our first rest stop, about 95 miles into our day, Jan took over the driving again while I caught a nap. She even handled a 15 mile section of road construction lined with pylons with no problems.

Over the last couple of days we’ve been through a number of these 10-15 mile construction zones. The interesting thing about these is what they’re doing on the other side of the Interstate, something that I’ve never seen before.

They are completely tearing up the pavement, all the way down to the dirt, even pulling out the rebar. Then they start building up the new road from scratch, just like they did originally. What’s not clear is why.

Is it because it wasn’t built right to start with? Or did the extremely cold weather damage it beyond normal repair? Googling doesn’t give me any info, so I guess I’ll ask around.

The other funny thing is what’s up with the ‘huddling cows’? Along the Interstate we’ve seen these groups, large and small, of cows all huddled together in a tight mass. Are they fighting off marauding wolves? Getting ready for a cold winter? What?

After Jan’s driving for about 100 miles, I took over again for the last 35 miles, getting into the W. H. Lyons Fairgrounds about 2pm CST. And after checking in with the camp host, I went looking for a site without ruts with no luck. Just like when we were here in 2008, we’re parked on grass backed up to a fence. And we’re parked in the bare-dirt ruts of all the previous occupants.

When we were here in 2008 for a week, everything was fine for the first 5 days, and then it poured for the last two days. And when we tried to leave, we were stuck, couldn’t even move forward a single foot. I really felt bad for the guy that Good Sam ERS sent out as he had to lay down in the mud to hook up the tow rope to our rig, and it was still pouring down at the time. I slipped him a $20.

As it stands right now, it’s not supposed to rain before we leave here on Saturday so maybe we’ll luck out.

After getting set up, Jan and I headed out to a nearby UPS store to get our Residency Affidavit notarized. We need these to get our drivers licenses renewed tomorrow, along with some other ID items. Hopefully we won’t have any problems.

By the time we got finished it was after 4:30 so we headed over to a nearby Famous Dave’s BBQ for our usual great meal. With leftovers of course.

While at Famous Dave’s I asked the waitress if she knew why the cows huddled. She didn’t know but the guy sitting behind us did. It’s to help them ward off the biting flies they have around here. And then when we got home, I found that our friend Cool Judy (Judy Rinehimer) had asked the same question and gotten the same answer on Facebook.

Another thing I noticed is how diesel got a lot cheaper as we got closer to Sioux Falls. I saw it as low as $3.56 around here. Wait if you can. Unfortunately we couldn’t.

Tomorrow we’re going to head out early and try to beat the rush at the DMV.


Thought for the Day:

Sign seen on a City Park entrance:

1. No alcohol
2. No glass containers
3. No loud music
4. No kite flying
5. No RC airplanes
6. No golf practicing
7. No frisbee throwing
8. No baseball/football throwing outside practice cages
9. No bicycles, skateboards, rollerskates or rollerblades
10. No animals except for service animals

This is your park, enjoy it!



3 Responses

  1. Are you aware that Pilot/Flying J has joined Good Sam in offering a loyalty card that provides a 6 cent discount? I think it came out about a year ago. No minimum amount; it works for my pickup. (Ford 38 gal) Get six cents below cash every time. Another biggie is it activates the truck pumps so you don’t have to go inside.


  2. Jerry,

    This the first I’ve heard of that. That’s for the info.

    Where do you get the card?

  3. This web site should do it.

    The web site says a nickle off, but I always get 6 cents. Remember when you had a card for every different gas station? That’s what this is. You get a bill by email and then you have a few days to set up a transfer out of your checking account.

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