Making Our Beauty Feel Old . . .

Well, as I mentioned last night, Jan and Terry headed out about 9am for the local Farmer’s Market, but they had gotten some bad info on the date.  As it turned out, the Farmer’s Market doesn’t start until July 20th and then goes every Saturday through September, and not the 1st Saturday of the month starting today as they were told.

So next it was off to the Gillette Cheese House to check out their large selection of Wisconsin cheeses, honey, and many other local products. But apparently the Cheese House isn’t open on weekends. Bummer!

About noon I went over to blog readers, Rich and Mary Coppens’ Alfa See Ya to take a look at some computer problems Rich was having with his Asus laptop. His printer wasn’t printing, and his machine was running really slow, with a lot of strange error messages.

It took a while, but after getting the old printer driver completely uninstalled and cleaned out of the registry, I then downloaded fresh Win 7 drivers from the Internet and got the printer reinstalled and working again.

Then I started cleaning out all the ‘gunk’ (yes, that’s a technical term) from his machine. When I started, the CPU usage was running about 50% just sitting there. But after deleting a lot of extraneous, unused programs and add-ons, and then cleaning out the registry, the machine was running much faster, the strange error messages were gone, and the resting CPU usage was bouncing between 0 and 3%, just about normal.

A little after 4pm we all headed out for dinner and a couple of errands. Our first stop was Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription before the pharmacy closed at 5pm. Then it was across the street for a return visit to Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. We really enjoyed it when we were here the other day and everyone wanted to go back.

After a relaxing dinner, talking over our plans for the next few months, we headed home by way of Office Depot so Nick could pick up some more labels to mail out Gypsy Journals to subscribers.

Getting back to the RV park, Nick dropped off a bundle of papers for someone to give out as they travel. When we got back to the site, Nick pulled in behind his rig so we could plug in the taillights to check out my connector repair job from the other day. Luckily for me everything tested OK.

At our site we had a new neighbor, a much newer, longer American Eagle. American no longer makes a 40 foot Eagle like ours, but only 42 and 45 foot tag axle models. We were happy to have Beauty’s cousin parked right next door,  but there was a problem.

Since we never had anyone parked south of us, I had placed the satellite dish over on that side. But now with a neighbor over there we no longer had a sat signal. But moving it out it out in front of our rig fixed the problem.

Tomorrow we’ll start getting ready to travel on Monday, with Nick and Terry heading west to Billings, and Jan and I heading east to Sioux Falls where we’ll spend about 4 day getting our drivers licenses renewed and take in some movies.


Thought for the Day:

"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." – L.P. Hartley



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  1. Go see “The Lone Ranger”; you won’t be disappointed especially if you are a Johnny Depp fan. It is very entertaining. Safe travels!

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