Let There Be Lights . . .

Installing Nick’s new Smart Light 1000 a few days ago reminded me of something. Last September at Nick and Terry’s last Gypsy Rally that was held in Celina, OH, I purchased two Smart Lights to replace the old ones on my coach. I had originally installed a set of the lights in 2009, and overall I’ve been pretty happy with them, except for a couple of things.

They don’t stay on long enough, and can’t be adjusted. When they are triggered, they only stay on about 15 seconds before they shut off. Then you have to wave your arms to turn them on again.

Also, the white model’s plastic case starts yellowing within a few months. So this looked like a good time to replace them. Plus the new ones come with a much brighter LED bulb rather than the incandescent one. So I bought two black ones to replace my old ones.

But after the rally was over, we spent the next couple of months traveling along with Nick and Terry, so I packed them away planning on installing them after we got back to Houston right before Thanksgiving. But by that time I had forgotten about them.

So, as usual, it was Nick’s fault. Anyway since we have a couple of free days here before we leave, it seemed like a good time to take care of that.

Our American Eagle coach uses two of these lights, but it only took me about 45 minutes to get them both installed and checked out. There’s really not a lot to do. Just connect the wires using crimp splices and screw it on using the same holes as before. These newer models come with a strip of caulking to place around the inside lip of the case so it does not need to be caulked after installation.

A little after 5pm we all headed out for dinner. After some back and forth, we ended up going back to Humphrey’s once again. This time, rather than a burger like last time, I had something similar, but different. A Bacon Cheeseburger Salad, with hamburger meat, bacon, and shredded cheese, on top of a good salad mix with spicy ranch dressing. And of course, sliced pickles and a small side of fries.

Really good.

Later, after sundown, I went outside to check out my new lights. And I was really surprised how much brighter and whiter the LED bulbs are compared to the old ones. And it stays on for about a minute, just like I wanted.

Here’s the latest pic of Landon’s 2nd cousin, Zoe Nadeau. A real cutie, and growing every day.

Zoe Nadeau 6

Tomorrow I have a few more chores I’d like to get done before we leave here on Monday.


Thought for the Day:

“Getting married for sex is like buying an airline to get free peanuts.” – Jeff Foxworthy


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