Waiting for Godo . . . err, Pizza.

This morning started off with our usual coffee, but not much else. Neither of us were planning on catching any seminars this morning, so we just took it easy most of the morning.

About 1pm I took Jan over to the Crafts building for one of her classes while I came back to Nick’s to take a look at why his Starlights Smart Light RV Porch Light isn’t working. I know it’s not the bulb because the status lights aren’t blinking.

These Smart Lights are really nice. They replace the patio/porch lights on the side of your rig and are motion-sensitive and light-sensitive. You just leave it turned on and if anyone comes near your rig, the light comes on. So if you are coming back to your rig after dark, as soon as you get close, the light comes on to show your way. In the daytime, only the status lights blink.

Starlights RV Light

So getting my ladder out of the truck, I grabbed my multimeter and screwdriver, and climbed to pull the light off so I could check the voltage coming in to the unit. And as it turned out, the 12 volt line was good. So the Smart Light was bad. This is unusual. I installed this one in 2010, and mine are 5 years old and working fine.

So I took it all the way off, cut the wires, and took the unit over to Nick at the rally vendor area to see what he wanted to do with it. And we talked it over, he went down to the Coil and Wrap booth and got a new one for me to install.

The new ones are really nice, with a much brighter LED bulb and a more sensitive scan pattern. Getting back to Nick’s rig it only took me about 15 minutes to get the new one installed and ready to go.

A little before 4pm I drove back over to the Cam-Plex to pick up Jan after her classes. While we were there, we talked to Chris and Charles Yust of C & C RV Insurance to set up a place and time for dinner tonight with us and Nick and Terry.

So about 5:45 we all headed down to Old Chicago Pizza again. Since it was so good the other night, we wanted to try it again. And it was trying.

We all got there a little after 6, just in time to miss Happy Hour. We got seated in the outside patio area, placed our orders, and talked over the day while we waited for our food.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

Our food finally showed up about 7:15, a hour and 15 minutes after we got there. It turned out that our order ticket and our food got separated in the kitchen and we went hungry. But when it finally came, it was still good, and we did have a lot of good conversation while we were waiting.

Even better, the manager comped part of our checks. so it pretty much worked out OK.


Thought for the Day:

“The legal profession would be much more honorable if lawyers were banned from it.”



4 Responses

  1. Chicago Pizza has the best pepperoni.

  2. If I come park next to you, would you fix a few of my problems……..LOL? Nick is Lucky to have you…

  3. Well, I guess it was good that it was worth waiting for.

  4. You’ll have to ask Nick. He’s my booking agent.

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