Not Much . . .

Today was pretty much a do-nothing day. But about noon we headed out for some errands and sightseeing.

I ran into a Barnes and Noble to get a magazine, and noticed that they had really cut the prices on the Nooks now that B&N is getting out of the Nook hardware business. They will continue to sell Nook ebooks and apps, and also Nook reader software for other machines, just like there are Kindle reader apps for many different devices.

It’s possible that another company will buy the Nook and keep it going, but that’s up in the air right now.

Our next stop was a car wash for the truck. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t care for the so-called “touchless” car washes that only use water pressure to clean the vehicle. But this one was a little different. It had both.

And the water pressure was much higher than any other one I’ve used. In fact, after it was over, I was relieved to see I still had paint on my truck. But it did get it clean.

About 2:30 we stopped in at a Golden Corral for linner, or lupper, if you will. And it was really good. They were actually still pretty busy, and, in addition, they seemed to be going out of their way to keep the buffet stocked with fresh, hot items by rotating though small batches of food.

Next, after a quick stop at the Post Office, we stopped off at Sam’s Club for some prescriptions and a few other things. Coming out I accidentally left a bottle of mouthwash in my cart, and when I came back less than a minute later, it was gone.

At first I thought maybe someone had taken it back into the store, but when I checked, the greeter lady said she saw a lady grab it and walk off. She then took me over to the floor supervisor located at that little desk you see in the front aisle. The greeter lady told the supervisor lady what had happen and that she had seen the lady do it.

The supervisor told me how sorry she was that this had happened, and to just get another one off the shelf. I was pretty much dumbfounded. This took place after I had left the store, and I planned to just buy another one. But they almost seemed to be insulted that one of their customers would dare to do such a thing.

That’s really good customer service.

Getting back to the rig, I took the water input line off the toilet valve, and as I had figured, the filter screen was clogged with carbon granules. Flushing the line and cleaning out the screen restored the toilet water pressure. Another job done.


Thought for the Day:

Definition of a jury: a group of people gathered together to decide who has the best attorney.



5 Responses

  1. Nice story about Sam’s Club. Let’s hope the lady who “stole” it really needs that product.

  2. We always called it an early dinner.

  3. Tom,

    That takes two whole words.

    If you can have brunch, you can have linner or lupper.

    Take your pick.

  4. When you retire you have to learn to relax, two whole words are always better than one. Btw whats a bunch?

  5. Brunch, not bunch.

    Late Breakfast, Early Lunch.


    Now that I’m retired I don’t want to waste time using any more words than I need to.

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