Now we’re Three for Three . . .

or maybe Four for Four.

We pulled out of Village of Trees RV Resort near Declo, ID a little after 9 am heading back west for a few miles to Heyburn, ID to get diesel and breakfast.

The reason we were heading back the way we had come yesterday was I had my choice of buying diesel from the Shell station near the park for $4.399, or going back down the Interstate a few miles to get diesel from a Sinclair station for $3.959. Saving 44 cents a gallon on 70+ gallons was worth a short drive. And even better, the stop came with breakfast.

When we scouted out the station yesterday after dinner, we saw the Wayside Café right next door and commented how busy it was, so we decided to have breakfast there after fueling up.

It quickly became obvious why it was so crowded. Everything was great, with some of best coffee I’ve had in a long time, certainly better than Starbuck’s. Great thick-cut bacon too.

Wayside Cafe Breakfast

Although we’d had the great coffee at the café, we wanted to get cappuccinos for the road from the gas station because they had Jan’s favorite Pumpkin Pie cappuccino. Then walking back to the rig, we got the truck hitched up and were back on the Interstate heading east.

About 10 miles down the road we split off from I-84 onto I-86. A little bit later construction on the westbound side took the roadway down to two lanes for about 20 miles, but it didn’t really slow us down.Pretty much all day our route snaked back and forth across the aptly-named Snake River

Teton Valley Trip 1

It seemed like there were great views around every curve.

Teton Valley Trip 2

Teton Valley Trip 3

Later, going through Pocatello, we got on I-5N that took us up on to Idaho Falls. There we got on to US26 S for about 40 miles before turning off onto SR31, also known as the Teton Scenic Route. And scenic it was.

Teton Valley Trip 5

Getting up into the mountains, the road started to remind me of the Alaskan Highway, with narrow lanes, no shoulders, and sharp drop-offs with no guardrails. Our route took us up to almost 8000 feet before we came down into the Teton Valley at a little over 6000 feet.

Along the way I almost smushed a car into the side of the mountain. Going up the 5% grade I ended up with about 5-6 cars behind me, with no passing lanes or pull-outs for me to let them get by. Then coming down it didn’t get any better.

There was a cyclist in front of me, zipping down the hill and pedaling fast. He was doing about 40, but I was still trying to get around him. But to do that I needed to move to the center of the road for a few seconds because with no shoulder, the cyclist was on the roadway.

I had my left turn signal on and then finally reached an area where I could move over. I was already across the center line when the car directly behind me decided he’d had enough and zipped out and started to pass. By this time I was beside the cyclist and couldn’t move back. The guy in the car got about to my rear wheels before he finally realized that his lane was getting narrower fast. As I watched him brake quickly I was afraid that he would forget about our toad and try to swing in right behind us. But he avoided doing that, and both he and the cyclist made it through without a scratch.

We got into Teton Village Campground and were quickly led to our pull-thru site. While I was outside getting us hooked up, I put Mister on his leash to roll in the grass.

After getting power, water, and sewer hooked up, I heard Mister making friends with our next door neighbors. Checking things out, our neighbor said, “Hi, I’m Gretchen and we know you. We read your blog”.

In fact Bob and Gretchen Madison ended up here after reading about this park on our blog. Jan came to the door and we all talked for a while, finally agreeing to get together for dinner in a couple of hours.

Teton Valley is a beautiful park, with a lot of trees, but not so many to interfere with satellite access. This is the view out our windshield.

Teton Valley Campground 3

Teton Valley Campground 4

Teton Valley Campground 5

A little before 5 we headed out for have dinner at Big Hole BBQ, a place we found well-recommended on Yelp. Gretchen and Bob had ribs, I had a pulled pork and ribs combo, while Jan had a pulled pork sandwich.

Big Hole BBQ Platter

Everything was delicious, They have a real different take on their BBQ sauce, with an unusual spice complement. Different, but delicious.

We said our good nights at the restaurant, and then Jan and I drove around Victor for a while, checking out some of the area, finally getting back home a little before 7pm.

Tomorrow we’re going to make the 25 mile trip over the mountains to Jackson, WY so Jan can hopefully see moose.


Thought for the Day:

"I find it rather easy to portray a businessman. Being bland, rather cruel and incompetent comes naturally to me." — John Cleese



4 Responses

  1. I think that cyclist is an idiot. So many times they create dangerous driving conditions for RVers. As to your breakfast. I can tell with one look when the cook knows how to fry eggs and this cook really knew how to do it correctly. It is almost an art.

  2. Hope you get to see some moose, Jan!

  3. Jan, if interested, check with the visitor center /campground office because Jackson may have a farmers market…not sure which day. Last time in 2010 the farmers market was by/in the park that one enters under the antlers. Supposedly, dawn and dusk are good times to see the wildlife. Taking a boat trip on the Snake River is another way (if they are around) to see moose. It is a hit and miss….lucky or by accident. Enjoy!!!

  4. Ya, we want moose pictures!!!!!!! tooo, LOL

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