We’re Two for Two . . .

After saying goodbye to our next-door goats, we headed out of the Garrity RV Park about 10 am and half a mile later we were heading east on I-84 toward the Village of Trees RV Resort near Declo, ID about 180 miles away.

Declo Trip 1

Declo Trip 2

Unlike yesterday’s trip, that had a lot of hills and curves, today’s was pretty much straight east, though we did steadily climb from about 2200 feet up to 4500 during the trip.

We got into the Village of Trees RV Resort about 1:45pm, and since we already had a paid reservation, we were led to our site and parked by a little before 2pm. And the park turned out to be just as nice as we had been told.

Every site is a long pull-thru, long enough to not have to unhook your toad if you don’t want to.

Village of Trees 1

Some of the sites are thick grass, but most are compacted asphalt and gravel.

Village of Trees 2

Village of Trees 3

Village of Trees 4

About 4pm we headed back down the Interstate about 5 miles to the big of Burley. Well, big enough to have a Wal-Mart, anyway. We had planned to eat dinner at the local Perkins Restaurant, but came across El Caporal Mexican Restaurant along the way.

Normally we’re kind of leery of unknown Mexican places, especially in southern Idaho! But the place was really busy, so we decided to give it a try. And are we glad we did.

El Caporal is another real find, just like Cinco de Mayo last week in La Pine. So now we’re two for two.

Every thing was good, from the chips, salsa and bean dip, to the iced tea. Jan had a 3 item combo, and I had a platter called Three Chiles, with pork chunks in tomatillo sauce, beef chunks in Colorado Red sauce, and a really good cheese chile relleno .

El Caporal - Burley ID

Another one for our Well Recommended List.

After that great dinner, we scouted out a couple of places to get diesel tomorrow morning, and settled of one that also has a busy diner right next door for breakfast and plenty of parking for the RV.

Diesel prices are all over the map around here. The Phillips 66 here at the park has it for $4.14, but the Shell right on the other sided of the Interstate has it for $4.38!. But the Sinclair down the road a couple of miles has it for $3.95. Guess where we’re going.

Getting back to the park about 5:30, I dropped off a stack of Gypsy Journals at the office on our way back to the rig. But my day wasn’t over yet. I had a repair to make.

Yesterday when we got to Nampa, I found the battery in the truck dead. We had been on a lot of hills and the PacBrake had really been working overtime. But normally this is not a problem because I have charge wire running from the coach battery to the truck battery keeping it charged up as we traveled. But obviously something had gone wrong.

Getting in the park today the truck battery was fine, but then we didn’t really have any hills to speak of. So checking the wire, I found I had voltage coming from the rig battery, but it was not making it from the truck side of the connector to the truck battery. And checking inside the split flex tube covering, I found the reason. The splice had come apart. A new crimp splice took care of the problem and we were back in business.

Tomorrow we’ve got about 190 mile trip to Victor, ID and the Teton Village Campground where we’ll spend 4 nights revisited Jackson, WY and Grand Teton National Park.

And moose. Jan says not to forget the moose.


Thought for the Day:

"Your request has been temporarily disapproved. Resubmit in 90 days for final disapproval."



4 Responses

  1. Beautiful country you are about to revisit. Mike was working for a friend on a construction project a few years ago–we lived in a TENT in Driggs, ID just up the road from Victor for the summer. It was a beautiful spot–we could see the Grand Teton spires from the door of our tent.

  2. Wanted to comment about the cow stories. When we were in Montana, we saw a sign that said there was a $23,000.00 fine for hitting a cow. Seriously. Someone explained that the fine was for the rancher to be compensated for the loss of the cow’s services for future generations of calves and income to the rancher. Yikes!

  3. Janna,

    We’re really looking forward to being back in the area.

  4. Jeannie,

    Yikes is right. If that were the case in Oregon, that would have been around a quarter million dollars.

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