A Hidden Gem . . .

By the time we waited in line to get diesel this morning, got the toad hooked up, and finally got on the road it was about 11am, but since we only had about 170 miles to go today, that wasn’t a problem.

And we got free coffee. Since we bought about $350 of diesel, the manager didn’t charge me when I got Jan and I coffee/cappuccinos right before we left.

But once again we got hung up trying to get filled up. The station was very busy, but with 10 pumps (8 gas, 2 diesel), they only had one lady trying to get everyone taken care of. In addition, the placards on the pumps say it is against the law to leave the area of the pump while you’re filling up. But the lady would be 60-70 feet away at times taking care of someone at the other end of the station.

Finally getting on US97 N, we headed into Bend where we would pick up US20E. We did make a small detour through the weigh station along the way. I had noticed that pretty much every time we went past, it was closed. But like most of these, the digital scale was still operational, with a large outside display. In fact last week, I’d driven the truck though the scale to weigh it.

Finding it closed again, I drove the RV through and recorded the front and rear weights. Because of the way the station is laid out, there was no way to go around again so I could get the side to side weights, just the front and rear. But it showed that as usual, we’re running right at, or a hair over our gross weight.

But it’s always good to double-check.

After a couple of very nice rest area stops, we turned south at Burns, OR onto SR205 for the last 12 miles down to Princeton, OR and The Narrows RV Park.

SR205 was a good road, except for the cows.

The Narrows RV Park - Cows

We saw several of the ‘livestock on road’ signs, and they really mean it. Later at dinner our waitress mentioned that she ‘hit six cows last year’.

I then ask “You hit cows six times last year?” She said “No, I hit six cows all at once. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM . . . I was driving on a dark night, came over a hill, and there was a herd of black cows, so it was BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!”


We got into the park about 3pm, and after being led to our site, we got plugged in and set up. With Passport America it was $14.14 for 50 FHU, a great price for a really nice little park.

The Narrows RV Park

About 4:30 we walked over to the small restaurant located in the office to have dinner. We both got the Chicken Fried Steak and it was a great choice. We were both amazed at how good everything was. This is just a small place with 4 tables and 4 stools at the counter, but it was easy to see that the cook really knew her way around a kitchen.

The Narrows RV Park 2

While we were eating, she came out front to get a drink and we complemented her on the food. And by then we’d already decided to come back tomorrow morning for breakfast before we leave.

Tomorrow we’ve got a 200 mile trip to Nampa, ID, just south of Boise, and it looks like we’ve got a lot of curvy road between here and there.

Oh good. Cat barf.


Thought for the Day:

"An intelligent victor will, when possible, present his demands to the vanquished in installments." – Adolf Hitler



5 Responses

  1. I always wondered about weighing at those large scales for big trucks. Can you go through when they are open?

  2. George,

    Never done it when they’re open.

    I’ve heard they don’t like it.

  3. What town and the name of the park. Food looks outstanding.

  4. Sandi,

    The Narrows RV Park in Princeton, OR.

    I’ll talk more about it in tonight’s blog.

  5. French Fries and gravy on the same plate…….. my arteries are growing weak just looking at it….. But I know it tasted just great……! Hard to pass up a good chicken fried anything….

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