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First up, check out these Five 3D-Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind, including 3-D printed pizza.

About noon I went outside and finished up the last part of my water works by replacing my Water Inlet Check Valve with one that has an actual working check valve.

Water Inlet Check Valve - New

About that time the park maintenance guy showed to replace the vacuum breaker on our shore water hose bib.

Hose Vacuum Breaker

A couple of days ago it started leaking slightly and has gotten worse every day, so I called them this morning to replace it.

Hopefully this takes care of all my remaining water-related problems.

Later, a little after 2pm, Jan and I headed into Bend for some sightseeing and dinner. We wanted to make the drive up to the summit of Pilot Butte, another lava cone like our Lava Butte visit that I reposted a couple of days ago.

Pilot Butte Pic from the Web

Pilot Butte Pic from the Web2

At 500 ft, and just about a mile from downtown Bend, it’s the highest point in town. But our drive to the top was not to be.

Pilot Butte Gate

The road to the top was closed, with no reason given. So we headed a little further down the road to the location of the Pilot Butte Trailhead, the starting point for those who want to make the 1 mile walk to the top.

What we found was Pilot Butte State Park, a very nice park,

Pilot Butte State Park 1

Pilot Butte State Park 2

But what was unusual is that this State Park has Bob and Sue, the Park Hosts.

Pilot Butte State Park 3

Unfortunately they were ‘Off Duty’, so we weren’t able to find out if they knew why the road was closed. But we ask a couple who were just starting their walk to the top and they had no idea.

So giving up on our drive to the top, we headed over the Old Mill District to have dinner at Red Robin in a beautiful location right along the Deschutes River.

Bend Red Robin 1

Bend Red Robin 3

Bend Red Robin 2

Bend Red Robin 4

After really good burgers and fries, we headed over to Fred Meyer for a few groceries, and then a little further down the highway to a produce stand for some of the delicious fresh cherries that are in season here right now. And this was what was parked nearby.

Bend Boat-RV

I’m not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish here. And I’m not sure if it’s even drivable or floatable?

Not sure right now what’s on the schedule for tomorrow. Maybe nothing.


Thought for the Day:

Resistance is futile – if less than one ohm.



3 Responses

  1. We aldo saw that “boat — truck” today. Enlarging the photo shows the bow on block.

  2. Good blog. The 3D printers are truly amazing. They are going to revolutionize a great deal of our lives in a very short time. Man-made human parts are actually being made now of simple “parts”, but it will become more complex and beneficial as time goes by. Great photos, too. In your next live, Greg, you might be a plumber who prints replacement parts on the job sige.

  3. Must be a “land-yacht”. 🙂

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