Finally . . .

I’m really getting pretty sick of this water filter / drinking fountain upgrade, I got the new compression ferrules last night and then this morning I redid the connections, turned the water back on, and both were leak free.

But I just had to take it one step further. As long as we’d had the coach there has always been a very slight leak underneath the cabinet. Not enough to make it wet there, but just a little damp. I watched things for a few minutes but saw no leaks, so I put down some newspaper to show up any leaks. And checking back in a couple of hours showed me one drop had fallen, and based on its position, it was coming off one of original quick-disconnects that was used by the old inline water filter.

So after checking the connector about every 15 minutes for about an hour I finally saw a drop forming at the threads where the plastic disconnect screws into the brass 1/4” tubing compression fitting. So I decided that just tightening the connector a little bit would probably fix the problem.


Well, at least I now knew why the joint was leaking. The plastic threaded part of was already cracked and leaking and snapped off when I tried to tighten it. In the photo below, the center connector was threaded into the brass connector on the left and that’s what snapped off.

Broken Water Connectors

So about 1:30 I headed back down to the hardware store (I now seem to be on a first name basis with everyone there.), but they didn’t have what I needed. So it was off to the Home Depot up in Bend. And there I found that these quick disconnects aren’t stocked anymore, but they could order me some. Bummer!

But then I realized I didn’t really need the quick disconnects anymore because the cartridge system itself is a self-sealing quick-disconnect type.

3M Filtrete 3US-PS01

So I just got a 3/8” to 1/4” quick connect and headed home.

Getting back home, it only took me about 5 minutes to install the quick connect and wrap up the project,


For supper we had another heaping helping of Jan’s great chili, with corn tortillas, cheese, and crunchy tortilla strips. Mmm, mmm, good!

Grace Nadeau, our son-in-law Lowell’s niece, posted this photo of her daughter Zoe, Landon’s 2nd cousin.

Zoe Nadeau 4

Is she a cutie, or what?


Thought for the Day:

"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity." – Robert Heinlein



2 Responses

  1. That little redhead is ADORABLE!

  2. She is a real keeper What a smile.

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