Three More Days . . .

of 80+ temperatures and using the A/C.

Make it stop!


On the 3-D printer front, now they’re printing in sugar. These photos are from a company that now makes them as cake decorations.

3-D Sugar Vase 2

3-D Sugar Vase 1

3-D Sugar Vase 3


The $25 Honey Wagon showed up about 10:30. The guy confirmed that they had really jumped the price since we were here two years ago, and also mentioned that during the summer, the 290 spaces here stay pretty much full, and he’s on the go all the time.

Since every one probably dumps about once a week, that means during the summer the park makes as much as $7250 a week. Maybe I need to unretire.


Jan and I headed out a little after noon with our first stop the hardware store right up the road in Sunriver. I was looking for the 3/8” to 1/4” plastic tubing adapter and Jan was just looking.

But as we left the park I checked the water pressure at two other sites, one in the middle and one at the front of the park. Both measured the same 25# as I do at our site. So I guess it’s a park problem and not just me. But I probably won’t worry about it any further, since our new Oxygenic Shower Head more than takes care of the problem of weak shower flow.

We got our stuff at the hardware store and then headed into Bend to have lunch at Baldy’s BBQ, and this time we mixed it up. I had the BBQ Beef Brisket Platter while Jan went with the Fried Catfish, and she said it was some of the best catfish she’s had. My brisket was really good too.

Leaving Baldy’s, we drove along the Deschutes River for a while admiring the many nice homes. We could see how high the water was due to all the snow melt from surrounding mountains. Mountains like these.

Bend Backyard

Our next stop was OfficeMax where Jan was looking for some ballpoint pen refills, and as usual found some other stuff too. Then it was next door to SafeWay for a few things before we headed back to the park.

While I stopped off at the park office to see if an Amazon package had come in, Jan walked next door to get some more fresh cherries from the produce stand at the entrance to the park.

Then later when I started to work on the water filter install I found the hardware store had given me the wrong 3/8” to 1/4” compression adapter. They gave me one for metal tubing and not plastic tubing, and the sizes are different. Though in their defense, the package doesn’t indicate which one it’s for. So it’s back there tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

Remember, what happens over the rainbow stays over the rainbow.



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  1. How about filling your water holding tank then use your pump for better water pressure. BTW we love out shower head too. Won it at a GJ rally in Yuma.

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