It’s Always Something . . .

I had planned to work my water filter / drinking fountain replacement project today, but another project came to the forefront.

When I was getting us ready for our trip from Likely, CA to Bend,OR last Friday, I noticed a problem. After I had disconnected the shore water and turned on the water pump. I noticed the pump was pulsing on and off, and water was running back out of the shore water inlet connector. Turning off the pump stopped the water running out, so I put it on my mental list to look at later.

Getting into Bend and getting set up, I turned on the water pump again before I hooked up the shore water, and this time the pump did not run and no water ran out. So I finished setting up with no other problems.

But later that night when I took my shower, the water pressure was really sucky. So the next morning I took a look at the problem. Although the pressure coming out of the faucet didn’t seem too bad, it did seem better at the neighboring sites.

I then called the park ranger and ask him to send someone out to take a look at the problem. A maintenance guy showed up a little while later and found that the underground valve wasn’t turned on all the way. So I was hoping that this would fix the problem. But my late night shower told me different. So I was thinking I had a coach problem, but I would have to wait until today to call American Coach.

Calling them this morning, the support guy confirmed what I had wondered about, the check valve on the water input. If it’s not working right, it can let water leak back out, and restrict the water coming in. He told me the check valve is actually part of the inlet connector itself, and is easily replaced.

It only took me about 5 minutes to get the old valve out, but before I worried about replacing it I wanted to be sure it was the problem. So I headed down to the local hardware store and got a adapter that would let me hook up the water back into the coach. Here’s what I got.

Water Inlet Check Valve

The one on the left is the test adapter without a check valve, and the one on the right is the old one.

I quickly installed the new one and went back inside to check the shower flow, and bask in the glory of a job well-done.


Although the shower flow might be marginally better, it’s still not as good as when I’m using the pump, and in fact, even when using shore water, turning on the pump makes it better.

So it’s back to square one. I had good water pressure in Likely, so what ever happened, happened in between here and there. Tomorrow it’s back on the phone to American Coach.

Also tomorrow, a movie and dinner is on the horizon. We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

“Rome remained great as long as she had enemies who forced her to unity, vision, and heroism. When she had overcome them all she flourished for a moment and then began to die.” – Will Durant : Historian