A Bridge Too Far . . .

I’m sure you’ve all seen the news reports about the bridge collapse up in Washington state. It was hit by an oversize truck and it’s really lucky no one was killed, even though a number of vehicles went in the water.

My friend Nick Russell says that just goes to show why he doesn’t like bridges. I said if he didn’t drive so slow over a bridge then he wouldn’t be on it long enough for it to collapse under him. And if it did collapse under him, think of all the stories he could tell, and all the Gypsy Journal articles he’d get out of it. There’s just no pleasing him.

In checking the location of the bridge, on I-5 between Everett and Bellingham, I was curious if we’d ever crossed it. And, as it turns out, we had. Three times, in fact.

In 2008, on our way to Alaska, we were staying at a nice little Passport America park in Cle Elum, WA. The real reason we were here was to visit Roslyn, WA, the town where one of our favorite shows, Northern Exposure, was filmed.

While we were there we drove over to Bellingham in our truck to pick up four new house batteries for our rig. The Trojans that were in the rig when we bought it were pretty much shot, and I wanted to replace them with Interstate U-2400’s. The nearest store that had four in stock was over in Bellingham, so off we went, crossing that bridge both ways.

Then about a week later we crossed it one more time, in the rig this time, on our way to Alaska. We were entering Canada at Sumas, about 20 miles north of Bellingham.

So the last time I was on the bridge was five years ago, so it’s not my fault, no matter what Nick says.

Our daughter Brandi called this morning with the latest new house update. They did the walkthrough yesterday with closing scheduled for next Thursday. One of the few things not finished yet is that the custom shower doors haven’t come in yet, but soon.

A little later I called Tahoe Duck Tours to get tickets for the 3:00 tour tomorrow afternoon. We’ve taken the Duck Tours all over the country, so this lets us check another one off our list.

Later Jan started up a batch of spaghetti sauce with ground beef and mushrooms in the Crock Pot. It should be ready to eat for supper.

About 2:30 Jan and I headed out for some sightseeing and a few things from Raley’s, a local supermarket. I also wanted to see how much worse the traffic would be over this holiday weekend.

While we were out and about, we drove down by the lake and I came across something I hadn’t seen before. A Dog Water Park.

Dog Water Park 1

And it looks like it was being put to good use.

Dog Water Park 2

Dog Water Park 3

And even as cold as the water was, there were still people out on their Jet-Skis.

Dog Water Park 4

Hope they’re wearing a wetsuit.

By the time we finished up at Raley’s. it was about 4:30 so after we got home Jan got started on the garlic bread while I got the spaghetti going. And in this case it was really easy using the Microwave Pasta Boat.

Pasta Boat

We got it several years ago and it’s great for any type of pasta.

You can use the round, hollow handles to measure your spaghetti. One handle-full is a serving for two. You can cook as much as 8 servings at a time. Then just place your spaghetti in the container, add water to the correct level, and set your microwave for 15 minutes. When the timer goes off, your spaghetti is ready, no fuss, no muss.

The holes in the lid let you drain the pasta quickly, and then you’re ready to go. You can cook any kind of pasta, and even steam-bake potatoes, both plain and sweet.

A really neat item, and only about $12 from Amazon. Check it out.

Thought I’d you a heads up on a new RV show that starts this coming Sunday night. I’m sure you’ve seen the shows where a group goes in and remodels someone’s bathroom, kitchen, backyard, whole house, or even their car. But now we got one for remodeling RV’s. It’s called Rock My RV with Bret Michaels and it comes on Sunday nights at 6pm PDT on the Travel Channel.

Bret Michaels, is known for a number of things: lead singer for the rock band Poison, winner of Celebrity Apprentice, and now for being a avid RV’er. He grew up RVing with his family, and still vacations in one today, plus he’s traveled millions of miles touring for concerts in buses he has designed. And he’s designed travel buses for many of his friends.

The early online reviews of the series seem to only have good things to say about it. So give it a try.


Thought for the Day:

“If you ever injected truth into politics, you would have no politics.” – Will Rogers



7 Responses

  1. Hello…in today’s blog you mentioned your Alaska trip. We are driving to Alaska this summer crossing the border at Sumas. Can you tell me how I can find your blog of the Alaskan trip? It would be so helpful to know what we are going to see. Thank you and love reading your blog.

  2. Should be an interesting show. An RV is a whole lot different from a sticks and bricks home.

  3. Elaine,

    Unfortunately I wasn’t blogging when we went to Alaska. I didn’t start until we started our travels in February 2009.

    Before that, Jan was emailing family members photos and text of our travels, and we’ve thought about converting those into blog posts.

    We’ll see how it goes.


  4. Watched the Bret Michaels show last night…interesting and amazing what they can do to an RV! They put a circular staircase on one leading to an observation deck on the top.

  5. Jeannie,

    Jan and I watched it last night too.

    Enjoyed them both, but liked the first one more.

    I hope they mostly do private family coaches, and not tour buses.

    Otherwise, it’s just another ‘Extreme RV’s’.

  6. To chime in my opinion… yes, enjoyed the new RV show, and agree that really prefer they do family rigs…and not all motorized either.. a 5er or two and even a pull behind would be nice.

    As for the pasta boat, have one and love it … got ours at Wally World for about $7.

  7. We found a small apt in Mukilteo where we will be for a couple more months yet…been oh so busy helping daughter and family for now…and enjoying our new little granddaughter.

    That bridge that collapsed is not so far away…rather scary thought…I too am not fond of bridges….almost to the point Nick is!! HA!!

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