Another Day, Another Repair Job . . .

The wind really picked up today as the cold front moved in. Doesn’t look like we’ll get any rain out of it, but the high for the next two days will be in the low 50’s with the low in the mid 20’s.

Yes, mid 20’s!

But it will still be sunny so it will be nice. In fact for the rest of the time we’ll be here, it supposed to be sunny and in the 60’s.

Around 2pm I headed out for a couple of errands. I wanted to get the truck washed, and I wanted to check out any local hardware stores for a new countertop drinking faucet.

Drinking Faucet

This one had started leaking around the base and I want to get it fixed. It has always dripped just a bit when our shore water pressure was high enough, but that wasn’t a problem because the cat’s water bowl sits under it. But now water is pooling on the countertop so I need to get it fixed.

There’s no Lowe’s or Home Depot around here but I thought I’d check out the several hardware stores I’ve seen in the area. With enough searching, I could probably find new washers for the inside, but it’s just simpler to install a replacement.

I wasn’t able to find anything locally, but I’ll check when we’re in Reno tomorrow. Otherwise it looks like I’ll be able to get one from Amazon in a couple of days.

Getting the truck washed just further convinced me that I don’t like the ‘touchless’ car washes, the ones that use water pressure only. They just don’t get all the dirt and grime of the truck like the ones that use the rotating felt brushes.

Here’s what happens when you buy a bag of chips in Apache Junction at 1500 ft and then bring it up to a elevation of 6500 ft. It swells up like a balloon, and then ‘poofs’ when you open it.

Swollen Chip Bag

I’ve noticed a number of our packages doing this.

For dinner tonight we finished off the last of the spicy chicken vegetable soup. Still good.

Tomorrow we’re going to do our Donner Pass, Reno, Virginia City, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Famous Dave’s BBQ daytrip.

Sounds like fun. Happy, happy, happy.


Thought for the Day:

An armed society is a polite society. A disarmed society is a slaughterhouse



4 Responses

  1. Our house sits at 5200 feet, all the grocery shopping we do is at 1100–2000 feet lower. All our chip bags swell.

  2. Greg, for a minute there, I thought you went back to AZ to help Nick out. LOL Janis

  3. Have to agree with your thoughts on ‘touch less’ car washes….convenient for a quickie wash, I could see it in a snowy area, where you are constantly needing to get the salt off the vehicle, but really a waste of time an money. Unfortunately half the time that is all you can find.

  4. Janis,

    I think he’s just saving up all his repairs til we meet up in Gillette next month.

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