Jan was lucky . . .

Apparently Jan was really lucky she only got nipped by the donkey while we were at Oatman, AZ about 10 days ago.

Oatman Burro Bite

Here’s a guy in Hungary who was attacked and killed by two donkeys who apparently didn’t like him riding his mobility scooter through their pasture.

Note to self: Don’t make donkeys mad.

After a quiet morning, around 1pm I drove down to the office to check for any mail, and also to ask if we could get a picnic table brought to our site. All the sites around us have one. I want mine.

While I was there someone else was checking in and I saw they were given a hanging tag for their power pedestal. I guess we didn’t get one since we arrived after hours, but everyone else has one. I want mine.

When I asked if they expected the park to be busy this weekend, the young young lady said, “Oh, Yeah”. So it looks like our semi-isolation may not last too much longer.

A little before 4pm Jan and I headed out for supper, planning on trying one of the casino buffets in town. But after driving all the way back down to Stateline, NV, we found none of the buffets at any of the 4 casinos here was open. Right now they’re only open on weekends, at least until this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

So we ended up at Big Daddy Burgers, voted the Best Burgers in South Lake Tahoe.

Big Daddy's Burgers 1

And if it’s not the Best Burger here, it’s certainly in the top 2 or 3. One reason they are so good is the fact that they have a very limited menu. Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, and a Hot Dog. These, plus two sizes of fries, and the drinks, wraps up the menu.

Concentrate on what you do and do it well.

Jan had a Cheeseburger, and I had the Bacon Cheeseburger, both really good. We shared a large fry, which was more like a GIANT fry, with more than enough for both of us.

Big Daddy's Burgers 2

Coming back home we stopped off at the Sno-Flake Drive-In for a soft-serve cone. Sno-Flake looks like one of those old-timey drive-in from your childhood.

Sno-Flake Drive-In

And as it turns out, the Sno-Flake Drive-In is also well-known for their burgers, and especially their fries, both with garlic and pesto seasonings.

We’ll have to give them a try before we leave.


Thought for the Day:

History repeats itself because human nature is static.



4 Responses

  1. Do not approach the donkeys in any way and do not attempt to feed them…they are wild animals after all. We spent a few weeks in the Lake Havasu area on the California side and they have burros everywhere and we would see folks trying to pet and/or feed them and then get upset when they bit them. Looks as if you learned a very good lesson…THEY ARE WILD ANIMALS!

  2. glad your ok good gosh some animals you just can’t trust…………sounds like your adventures are fabo this year continue to have a wonderful life and a safe weekend coming up. take care

  3. The burros in Oatman are pretty tame and love to be fed. In some cases they go home with the residents at night and sleep on their porches.

    Jan just got nipped because another one walked up and wanted his share right NOW.

  4. Joanie,

    You’re in my thoughts often. Take care.


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