A Bear for All Seasons . . .

After coffee drinking, Kindle reading, and Internet playing, Jan and I headed out for some sightseeing, dinner, and shopping.

We drove around for about an hour, crossing back into Nevada, past all the casinos that suddenly appear at the state line.

Driving further out along the road we came in on, we got a good view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

Tahoe Views 1

Tahoe Views 2

Tahoe Views 3

Coming back through town we drove out on the other side for a while just to see what’s around.

Along the way, we came across The Bear’s Den.

Tahoe Bear's Den 1


This place has pretty much any type of carved bears you could want.

Tahoe Bear's Den 4

Big ones,

Tahoe Bear's Den 5


little ones,

Tahoe Bear's Den 2


and more.

Tahoe Bear's Den 3


By this time our tummies were rumbling, so we decided to try Passaretti’s Italian Restaurant, located right outside the park entrance. We’d noticed the last couple of days that the place was always busy every time we drove by. And we’ve found that a busy place is usually a good place to eat.

It was interesting to find this great hot rod sitting in the parking lot. I’d seen a sign about a car show while we were driving around, but this was the only car I’d seen that might be part of it. Turns out, it wasn’t.

Tahoe HotRod 1

I did notice that the right front tire was going flat, though.

Tahoe HotRod 2

As it turned out our meal was delicious. Jan found her favorite meat-filled ravioli on the menu, and I had my usual spaghetti marinara with meatballs.

We both started out with salads with their really great homemade dressings. We also had an order of their garlic bread with melted mozzarella on top, again really good.

And after our entrees, we had to top it off by sharing a piece of their homemade carrot cake.since we’d seen it recommended online. It was delicious, but so big, that along with our meal, we could only eat half of it. So we’ll have the rest of it with coffee tomorrow. And we’ll definitely be coming back here again before we leave.

One other thing, when we got to Passaretti’s we found that there was a wedding dinner going on in the back of the restaurant. And as it turned out, the hot rod out front was what the bride and groom drove from the church to the restaurant. Unfortunately, the honeymoon had to be delayed for a while when they came back out and found the flat tire. The delay however, probably wasn’t a big disappointment, since the bride was already noticeably pregnant.

Leaving the restaurant, we stopped off at Raley’s for some groceries. On the way, I wanted to check out this service station that had been converted into an auto parts store and antique car lot.

Or so I thought.

Tahoe Runnel's Auto 1

Old Studebakers, old Oldsmobile’s,

Tahoe Runnel's Auto 2

And for some reason, a bunch of old Volvos.

Tahoe Runnel's Auto 3

You’ve really got to like old cars to like old Volvos, don’t you.

Tahoe Runnel's Auto 4

A little research told me the real story about this place.

It’s not an antique car lot. The cars are not for sale. They are parked there to be an deliberate eyesore.

The owner of the lot, apparently very rich, has, since 2007, been refusing to sell his auto parts place to the city. They want to build something else there, but he wants no part of it.

The city supposedly keeps trying to find any kind of violation to get him out. So in retaliation, he bought all these old, ugly cars and parked them on his lot, right along the main street through South Lake Tahoe.

Sounds like my kind of guy.


Thought for the Day:

The evils of government are directly proportional to the tolerance of the people.



2 Responses

  1. Hey, don’t knock those old Volvos. The first new car we bought was a 1961 Red PV 544 Volvo. I remember we used to fill the gas tank every other week and it cost $1.80 for a fillup. The car got 36+mpg and we could drive from Washington, DC to near St. Louis, MO and return for less than $15.00 total. 1600 miles.

    Of course we could barely afford to make the trip since the salaries were so low in those days. Or, at least mine was.

    I bet if Just Nolan in Tucson knew about these cars, he would be there trying to buy them.

    Nice blog today, enjoyed reading it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the blog.

    Based on what I read online, anyone that is interested in buying one of the cars is basically run off the lot, or has the door slammed in their face.

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