Good Coffee, Good Soup . . .

We really enjoyed the cool (actually more like cold) weather last night, With the temp in the mid 30’s, it was nice to have the windows cracked open a bit and the mattress pad heater cranked up. Really good sleeping weather,

And tonight it’s supposed to be 31 degrees. Nice.

With the cold weather our morning coffee was especially good. Cinnamon Hazelnut. Hmm, Good!

Since the park office was closed when we got here yesterday, I went down there about 1pm to register and pay the $3 a night that staying at an Encore park costs us. Not bad for staying in South Lake Tahoe.

While I was out and about, I stopped off at an mini-mart to pick up some lottery tickets for tonight’s Mega-Millions and tomorrow night’s Powerball drawings. Right now the Powerball is over 600 million, and could be substantially higher by the time of the drawing.

I wander how long it’s going to be until we get a $1 Billion prize.

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re parked in a nice wooded area, with a lot of Ponderosa pines surrounding us. The nearest rig is a couple of hundred feet away, so that’s nice.

Tahoe Village 1

Of course all these trees wouldn’t be so nice if I couldn’t get a satellite signal, but it all worked out.

Tahoe Village 2

Before I left on my errands, I got a batch of soup going in the Crock-Pot. A couple of boxes of chicken stock, 3 or 4 frozen, previously poached, chicken breasts, a can of Rotel Hot Diced Tomatoes with Habaneros, a can of kidney beans, a couple of fresh, sliced-up jalapenos, and you’ve got the perfect meal for this kind of weather.

We’ve been checking out things to do in this area, and I brought back a few brochures from the park office. They do have another zip line for Jan to try, and someone recommended the paddleboat cruises on the lake. But most of the attractions here seem to revolve around snow skiing, water skiing, jet skis, golf, and gambling.

We also noticed that the Donner Pass area is only about 45 miles from here, so we’ll probably make a sightseeing trip over that way while we’re here.

Tomorrow?  Who knows?


Thought for the Day:

“Donner, party of five. Donner, party of five. Ahh, Donner, party of four . . .”



7 Responses

  1. Donner Pass. Substitute an “i” for the o.

  2. Greg
    Take the road out of Lake Tahoe that goes into Truckee then when you get to the top turn left on Mt. Watson Road. (don’t do it in your RV) it’s a US Forest Road 6 it’s a real Mr Toads Ride.

  3. It has been years since we were in Lake Tahoe. Driving up to Heavenly either on the Nevada or California side can be a consideration; a leisurely drive around the Lake is lovely and stopping at Rosa’s Cafe for lunch is also a consideration. Not sure, but a boat ride on the Lake is also nice….not sure if the boat cruise is open because of the weather (????); a drive to Squaw Valley where the winter Olympics occurred years ago…..and of course, finding eating places to your liking. Whatever, enjoy!!!

  4. Virginia city is pretty cool, it is a short day trip but well work it if the weather is good!!

  5. Pat,


    We’ll check it out.

  6. Lynn,

    Thanks for the info.

  7. Kerry,


    Virginia City is on our itinerary.

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