On to Tahoe . . .

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We didn’t have a lot to do this morning before we hit the road, so about 8:30 we walked over to the casino restaurant for breakfast. This time I didn’t make the mistake of ordering the Miner’s Breakfast with the enormous ham steak like I got last night. This time I got the Breakfast Skillet with eggs, diced ham, bacon, and cheese, and a biscuit and gravy, while Jan had eggs, bacon, hash browns, and a biscuit. One thing nice was that unlike many restaurants, this place had really good coffee.

I pulled out of the Tonopah Station RV park about 9:45 with Jan following in the truck. Yesterday while we were driving around, I scouted out a filling station with an easy in/out right on our way out of town. While I was filling up, Jan waited about a block down the road. I took on 72 gallons of diesel at 3.86 a gallon, about 40 cents a gallon more than we paid a couple of weeks ago in Apache Junction.

When I was finishing fueling, Jan followed me about half mile down the road where I stopped and hooked up the toad. Then we were on our way to South Lake Tahoe, CA, about 260 miles away.

For a while, out in front of us, we could see a line of snow-covered mountains off in the distance. Based on the map, I think these were in the Yosemite area.

Tahoe Trip 1

Tahoe Trip 2

From the time we left Tonopah, it was overcast, and it just got messier as we went along.

Like yesterday’s travels, we had a lot of long, straight runs, always climbing, but mostly staying in the valleys.

Tahoe Trip 3

Coming into Hawthorne, we started to get some light drizzle, which pretty much stayed with us for the rest of the trip, but never caused any problems.

Finally, just south of Carson City, we turned on to US 50 for the 30 mile run to South Lake Tahoe. Climbing to over 7100 feet from the 5000 feet of Carson City, it was the curviest road of our entire trip, but it certainly was a scenic one.

Finally peaking out on the ridgeline, we started back down, and taking a turn, there was Lake Tahoe out in front of us.

Tahoe Trip 4

Due to the drizzle, wind, and low-hanging clouds, the lake was dark and choppy, with some white caps.

Tahoe Trip 5

We got to the Tahoe Village RV Resort a little after 4pm, only to find the office had just closed at 4. But we found our paperwork waiting for us, so we found our site and got set up.

We’re park among Ponderosa Pines, and it took a little positioning to get a satellite signal, but I finally got it working.

Around 6pm we headed to try Jalapeno’s Taqueria, a nearby Mexican restaurant that was recommended to us. Turned out to be very good.

Coming up here, we were hoping to get away from the triple-digits we had in Apache Junction and Las Vegas, and we certainly got our wish.

When we got here today it was 50 degrees and is going down to 35 degrees tonight. Tomorrow it’s going to be 59 and 32.



Thought for the Day:

"Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education." – Bertrand Russell



2 Responses

  1. Greg,
    Another excellent TFTD, how true, how true. Hope ya enjoy the cooler temps of Tahoe.

  2. Charley,


    It’ sure is nice to not have to run the AC’s at all.

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