Only in Nevada would you see . . .

a sign like this –

Tonopah Brothel 1b

Or this one.

Tonopah Brothel 2b

And there were several more along the way. Made for a very interesting trip today.

We pulled out of the Las Vegas Thousand Trails just about 9am. Luckily there was enough room so that we could hitch up the toad before we left, so it was just hit the road and go. And since they were parked right next door, we got to say a final goodbye to Jim Dean. We really had a great time getting to know Jim & Peri while we were in Las Vegas, and hopefully we’ll see them down the road sometime.

We had a 215 mile trip today to Tonopah, NV, on our way to South Lake Tahoe for a two week stay at the Tahoe Village RV Resort starting tomorrow.

For the first 70 miles we were on four-laned US95, but after that it dropped down to two-lane, but it was still a good, smooth road.

One thing that was nice was that this was all new territory for us, since we’ve never been this way before. And very quickly we started the long climb from Las Vegas’ 2000 foot elevation to Tonopah’s 6000 feet.

Tonopah Trip 1

Along the way the terrain started to change from desert to high plains, with long rolling hills, punctuated by steep rises.

Tonopah Trip 2

At about the 100 mile mark we stopped for a bathroom break at Amargosa Valley, and that’s where we found the big red “BROTHEL” sign I posted above.

It was also nice to feel it get cooler as we drove north. In Tonopah the high today is supposed to be 80. In comparison, at 1:30am this morning in Las Vegas, it was also 80.

And even better, the low tonight in Tonopah is supposed to 50. Very nice.

We got into the Tonopah Station Casino RV Park about 1:30, and really lucked out. They don’t take reservations; it’s first come, first served. And we got the very last site. 30 amp full hookups for $15.50 a night. Not bad.

Tonopah Casino RV Park

After we got park and setup we both took a nap for a hour or so, and then, before having dinner, we drove around town for a little while, before coming back to the casino for dinner

When I registered for our site, I ask the lady if they were part of the Station Casinos all over Las Vegas. She said no, Tonopah Casino was there first. She said we were a stagecoach station in 1905.

Note to self: When you order The Miner’s Breakfast at the Tonopah Casino Restaurant, and it says it comes with a ham steak, they’re not talking about one of those little dinky slices. They’re talking about a full-size foot-wide slice of ham.

Tonopah Ham Steak Breakfast

Tomorrow we’ve got about 250 miles to South Lake Tahoe, but since we got reservations, we don’t have to leave as early as today, but still early enough to get diesel before we leave Tonopah.


Thought for the Day:

I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time. – H. L. Mencken



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  1. AND I GOT IT TWICST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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