It’s Time to Get Out of Dodge . . . Well, Las Vegas, anyway.

We left Apache Junction when the temps started getting into 3 digits, and now that weather has caught up with us. Officially it was 101 today, but it was 113 under our awning, so it’s just about time to hit the road.

113 Thermometer

We’ll leave here Wednesday and spend one night in Tonapah, NV where it will be 82/52. Starting Thursday we’ll be in South Lake Tahoe for two weeks where the temps are forecast to be in the high 60’s/ low 70’s and high 30’s/ low 40’s at night. Very, very nice.

I braved the heat for a while to finish topping off my house batteries with the distilled water I got yesterday, and also packed some stuff away to get a head start for Wednesday.

I also washed out a couple of compartments using my new Little Big Shot Super Hose Nozzle,

Little Big Shot

This thing is really neat. It will adjust your water spray from a needle-fine hard stream to a full spray. The needle spray is great for washing out areas without getting water all over everything next to it, and the full spray is great for washing your coach.

Then after working out in the heat, a nap seemed to be a good idea, and I was right.

Since we wanted to see the Bellagio Fountain Show after dark, we planned on a late dinner, so we picked up Jim and Peri at 6pm and headed down Flamingo Rd. to the Flamingo Casino. We were having dinner at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville located in the casino there.


Margaritaville 1

Margaritaville 2

Our meals were good, and there’s something entertaining always going on, from dancers on stilts,

Margaritaville 3

to a bikini-clad girl sliding down the slide of a volcano into a giant margarita glass,

Margaritaville 4

finishing up with a trapeze act hanging from a large fishing hook high over the crowd. Really neat.

By the time we finished dinner, it was after 8pm and now dark, so we walked down the Strip toward the Bellagio.

Vegas Strip 1

Vegas Strip 2

The shows are every 15 minutes so we didn’t have to wait long for the next one. In fact we stayed for 3 shows, since each one is different.


Bellagio 1

Bellagio 2

Bellagio 3

Bellagio 4

Bellagio 5

Bellagio 6

Bellagio 7

Bellagio 8


For a little more, you can check out this short video of a show.

Bellagio Fountains


Tomorrow we’ll start getting ready to travel, and then finish up with one last buffet at Boulder Station Casino with Jim and Peri, before we head out on Wednesday morning.


Thought for the Day:

“The amount of ammo you need is determined after the gunfight.”



2 Responses

  1. Great Photos!! What kind of camera did you use for the photos? We were in Vegas a couple years ago and forgot all about the Fountain show…
    Travel Safe to Tahoe

  2. Lynette,


    I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC- FZ28. It’s about 4 years old and it’s got a great lens on it.

    I keep waiting for it to die so I can justify to myself to buy a new one, but it just keeps on ticking.


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