Wall, at least it got here pretty quick . . .

but it’s the wrong one.

Well, it’s the right one as far as it’s the one they said I needed. But it’s not the one I need.

And I’m not quite sure that they know exactly which mirror I have. I have looked over every square inch of my mirrors, including inside where the missing mirror goes, and there’s not a number of any kind to be found anywhere on it.

Anyway, the mirror they sent me is about an inch too narrow and about a quarter inch too short. It also has a heating strip on the back and mounts completely differently. Although my upper main mirror is heated, the lower one is not. So this is not my mirror.

Since we’re going on a daytrip to Oatman, AZ tomorrow, it’ll probably be Monday before I can get back with them.

About 2:15 we headed down to Boulder Station Casino so Jan could play Bingo. She quickly found that this is high-tension Bingo. They call a number every 12 seconds and Jan was playing 6 cards so she couldn’t look away. Plus there were a lot of side games to keep track of, too.

But it was all for naught. Here’s Jan burning through $18 of Bingo cards.

Jan Plays Bingo

I think Jan really prefers the laid-back Knights of Columbus Hall type of Bingo like she’s played back in Houston.

‘The games last about an hour and start on the odd hours, 11, 1, 3, etc., so we were finished up about 4 and decided to have dinner at the casino buffet once again.

Then it was time to give Boulder Station some more money so here’s Jan losing $20 in the slots. And it didn’t take long. Bummer.

Jan Plays the Slots

Coming back to the park, I stopped off at Smith’s Grocery Store gas station to fill up. Using my magic Fred Meyer’s card, it was only $3.15 a gallon. Very nice.

Tomorrow we’re taking a daytrip back down to Oatman, AZ, an early 20th century gold mining town. But the big attraction for Jan is the multitude of wild burros wandering around the through the town. She’ll be in hog heaven.

Then coming back home we plan on stopping off at the access point to the walkway that crosses the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. I want to walk out on it. Jan’s somewhat iffy about it.

Hoover Dam Bypass Walkway

Hopefully I’ll have some better photos than this one from the Internet.


Thought for the Day:

Earth is too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in. – Konstantin Tsiolkovsky



5 Responses

  1. Make sure to take a bag of carrots with you.

  2. That is one long day trip back to Oatman. We walked the bridge. Awesome.

  3. Jan,

    I’ve already been told that my bag of baby carrots that I snack on, are going with us.

  4. Donna,

    It’s about 120 miles, not too far.

    We’ve done longer for a day trip.

  5. Oh. . .I am so with you. . .you gotta walk out and get a pic of the two of you with the dam in the background. . .that is awesome!

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