Look, there’s one . . .

Today brought us something we haven’t seen in months – Rain!

It’s actually the first rain we’ve seen since we left the Houston area back in February. It started around 11:30 and went on for a couple of hours, in fact, heavy enough that it knocked the satellite TV out for about 30 minutes. I think over the course of the day we got about a inch of rain.

But with the rain came cooler weather, with it only making it to 73 today, and staying in the 70’s for the next couple of days. And apparently we may still have some more rain coming up.

And on the subject of weather, I was checking the weather in South Lake Tahoe, CA, where we’ll be in a little over a week, and the high today was 46 degrees with 35 tonight. And by the time we get there in 10 days we’re looking at temps in the 60’s and 40’s. Perfect weather for us.

About 4pm Jan and I headed out for dinner and a drive around town. Our first stop was the Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen on E. Tropicana, a place recommended by one of our blog readers, who wanted to know how it compares with Lindo Michoacan where we ate a few days ago.


And, although Macayo’s is good, unfortunately it’s not quite up to Lindo. But as a trade-off, It’s closer to the park and cheaper too. In fact Lindo is about 50% more expensive, but probably worth it.

Jan had the Pablano Chile Relleno along with a beef taco, and I had the Pork Carnitas, one of my favorite dishes.

Macayo's Carnitas

My Carnitas was good, better than what I had in Apache Junction, but not as good as the Carnitas a la Coca-Cola from Lindo Michoacan the other night.

Leaving Macayo’s we heading down to the bottom of Las Vegas Blvd, aka “The Strip”. I wanted to check out the Camping World there for those Bulldog cabinet latches that I’m looking for, but we got there a few minutes after they had closed at 6pm. The main reason we were late was that I didn’t realize how far down “The Strip” the Camping World was.

But in fact it was so far away that “The Strip” was now a two lane road pretty much out in the desert. So since we didn’t make it to the Camping World in time, we used it as an excuse to drive all the way back up “The Strip”, taking in the sights and doing some people-watching. Always fun in a place like Las Vegas. In fact, we sometimes make a game out of it.

It’s called “Find the Hooker”.


Thought for the Day:

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.



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