Breaker, Breaker . . .

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About 1:45am this morning it got very, very quiet in our bedroom. No, I didn’t tick Jan off again. The power went off.

The reason it got very quiet is that we use a White Noise Generator like this one.


We used one for years, even before we started RVing. In the White Noise mode it generates a rushing noise that does a great job masking outside noises, including cars, trains, loud parties, etc. A couple of times in the past, we’ve been parked right next to Nick and Terry, and haven’t heard loud parties, barking dogs, etc., that kept them awake

This unit has 5 other sounds like ocean waves, rain, babbling brook, thunder storm, and summer night.

But these white noise machines do have a drawback. If you’re used to sleeping with one it’s very difficult to get to sleep without it. You tend to hear every creak of the coach, dog bark, or cricket chirp. But otherwise, they’re great.

As far as what happened to the power, I assumed the power was off in the park because when I looked out the window I couldn’t see any lights, even streetlights, on anywhere in the park. In addition, the last time we were here, two years ago, the park was having major power problems, enough so, that, along with Nick and Terry, we left a couple of days early.

But when I woke up about 7:30, the power was still off, so I decided to go outside and check the breaker. And the breaker was the problem.

We’re on 50 amps so I’m not really sure what popped the breaker, so I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

About noon Jan decided she wanted to do brunch so about 1pm we headed back up the road to Boulder Station Casino for their Champagne Sunday Brunch, well Mimosas for us. Getting there we still had about a 45 minute wait before we got seated. But as usual there, it was worth it.

One thing I did find out is the discount you get with Boulder Station Boarding Pass card. The dinner buffet, and the Champagne Brunch Buffet are both $9.99 with the card, but $14.99 without it. Not a bad discount for a free card.

Later in the afternoon we got the high winds that Nick apparently sent up our way from Tucson. Around 5:30 it really blew for about 90 minutes before it subsided. Really had the window awnings flapping.


Thought for the Day:

Don’t try to explain yourself to stupid people. You’re not the Jackass Whisperer.



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