A Last Goodbye . . .

After a quiet morning I headed a few exits down the freeway to Power Rd. and Discount Tire. I needed to get the leaky one fixed that started losing air on Friday. But luckily the leak was slow enough that I was able to air it up and then get down the freeway to the store.

I had already figured out that I was going to have to get a new tire. The leak in this one was a blowout of a patch that was done while we were gate guarding in South Texas last year. And 45 minutes and $215 later, I was done and heading home, or at least, heading for Nick’s.

I had ordered an LED panel mount for Nick’s coach so he will have a separate way to monitor the voltage on his house 12v system

Green LED Voltmeter

It seems like the voltage measured at his control is always too low, compared to measuring it at the battery, or measuring it on the 12v bus. In one case the panel showed 11.78 voltages, but it measured 13.1 at the batteries, and 12.9 on the bus in the coach

I was able to mount it right above Nick’s computer desk and tie it into a light fixture overhead, so it’s always visible.

We had also planned to clean his house battery terminals, but by now it was over 100 degrees, and since it would require disconnecting the house, which kills the AC and the fans too. So we’re going to hit it again early tomorrow morning.

Getting back home for the afternoon, we picked up Nick and Terry about 5pm and headed back over to Red Robin so Nick and Terry could get their Red Robin fix like Jan and I did last week.

Coming home I made a quick stop at Home Depot before getting home a little before 7pm. Normally Jan and I would have done our walk tonight but it was still in the 90’s so we called it off.

Brandi and Lowell sent over some pics of Landon having a good time at Chuck E. Cheese.



I love this shot of him standing on his tippy toes so he can see better.



Our daughter-in-law Linda posted these photos of her and Chris kayaking on Armand Bayou in the Clear Lake area.

Chris Kayaking on Armand Bayou

Hope they’re watching out for all the gators that are in there.

Linda in Kayak


And wrapping things up, here’s another shot of Landon’s new 2nd cousin, Zoe. Love that red hair.

Zoe Nadeau 3

And finally on a very sad note, our long-time close friend, Gina (Regina) Ellis died this afternoon. Her daughter Sharelle called about 7:30 to tell us the news.

It was not unexpected, since Gina had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer even before we left Houston in February, so we knew it was just a matter of time.

We met Gina and her husband George in 1980 and quickly became fast friends. George, who died in 2004, worked at NASA at the same time I did. In fact, he was head of Crew Systems for Rockwell Aerospace for years, and worked directly on the Space Shuttle design in both California and Houston.

Gina had a varied career of her own, starting as an executive assissant at NASA which is when she met George. Later on she was an EMT, and a police sergeant. And when she retired she was an investigator for American National Insurance in Galveston, investigating insurance fraud.

She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her.


Thought for the Day:

"Give Me Chastity. Just Not Yet" – Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274 A.D.)



3 Responses

  1. That Landon is the cat’s meow. . .I loved that he was putting the tokens in for himself. . .oh, it has begun. . .

  2. Sorry to hear the news about your close friend, Gina. That is one drawback about getting older.

  3. Thanks, George.

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