The Northern Migration . . .

After the busy day yesterday, today was a good bit quieter. I worked on a few things around the rig, while Jan read her Kindle. Like I said, quiet.

I bought some Reflectix foil shield the other day to help keep some of the heat out. We’ve got our solar screen up but they need some help. The way we’re parked we get sun in though the windshield all day, and with it supposed to hit 99 degrees on Monday, I’d like to give the AC’s some rest.

Jan and I headed out about 3pm for some errands and dinner. Our first stop was a nearby Home Depot for a few project things, and a spring clamp for Miss Terry. It seems like every day it’s either Wal-Mart or Home Depot.

Or both.

Our next stop was CVS, and while Jan shopped, I sat in the Pharmacy waiting area and read a Kindle book on my phone. You gotta love modern technology.

Jan had been wanting to get her Red Robin fix, so that was our next stop. Jan got her usual Cheddar-Mushroom Burger while I went for my usual Burnin’ Love Burger, with fried jalapeno slices, pepper-jack cheese, and a cayenne-seasoned burger. But I spiced things up a little more by sprinkling on some ground dried Ghost Chili salt. Really good. And hot.

Burnin' Love Burger

After we finished at Red Robin I used Gas Buddy to find the nearest, cheapest place for unleaded and filled up. $3.45 a gallon was good since I paid $3.59 a couple of weeks ago. Then I used Gas Buddy to track down and check out a couple of places to get diesel on our way to Las Vegas next Wednesday. Looks like a CircleK one block off the freeway will fill the bill, and the price right now is only $3.45 a gallon. Unusual for unleaded and diesel to be the same price.

A while after we got home we headed out for our walk around the park. It’s really evident that the northern migration of the Snowbirds is in full flight. Every time we walk there are fewer and fewer rigs, and now even park models are being closed up and summerized.

Sure seems like it’s going to paraphrase that old adage, “Will the last RV’er to leave Apache Junction for the summer, please turn out the lights.”

Landon’s Aunt Sherry is up in South Carolina, visiting daughter Grace and her husband, and getting her first chance to hold her new granddaughter Zoe.

Sherry and Zoe

Zoe Nadeau 2

All that hair makes her look older than just a couple of weeks. I know Sherry is happy to get to see her.


Thought for the Day:

Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel. – Leonardo da Vinci



4 Responses

  1. How can I copy and past your thought for the day to use later as I need them when doing M.C. job for rally. Rod Dixon


  2. Greg, I use Gas Buddy also, and have found it especially helpful when we’re out using our toad. But I’m a little shy about using it for getting gas for our moho as there are sometimes gas stations with good prices, but lousy maneuvering room to get in and out. Is there a parameter in Gas Buddy that allows for RV friendly space at gas stations? Or do you connect your toad after you’ve gotten fuel?

  3. Rod,

    Put your mouse cursor at the beginning of the quote, then right-click and drag until the entire quote is highlighted.

    If you miss it the first time, click somewhere else on the page and do it again until you get it right.

    Then press Ctrl-C on the keyboard to copy the quote. Go to where you want to save it, click the cursor there and press Ctrl-V.

    That will paste the quote there.

    Let me know if you need any more help.

  4. Charley,

    If we ever get diesel at a station we haven’t checked out, it’s at a truck stop while we’re on the road where we know we can fit.

    But normally we get diesel leaving a park and before getting on the road.

    This lets us check out the station ahead of time for big rig access.

    That access decides whether we hook up the toad before or after we fuel up.

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