Here Comes Peter . . .

Really nice weather here in Apache Junction today. A cool front came through and took things from the low 80’s to the high 60’s. Really nice.

Jan and I left out a little after 12:30pm heading for the Sam’s Club at SanTan Village over in Gilbert. But we first took the next exit past Santan to get a good shot of the new Mormon Temple that’s under construction there.

Very impressive.

Mormon Temple 1

Then after our stop at Sam’s Club, we came back a different way so we could stop at a nearby El Pollo Loco to pick up some of their delicious chicken to have for meals later this week.

For the last week or so we’ve noticed this nest built on the sign for our park exit. Terry Russell correctly identified it as a Red-Tailed Hawk.

Red-Tailed Hawk 1

Red-Tailed Hawk 2

Haven’t seen any sign of chicks yet, but maybe before we leave.

The stop to photograph the hawk also gave us a good view of Superstition Mountain, supposed home of the fabled Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.

Down at the base there you can see our Countryside RV Resort.

Supersitition Mtn

Coming back past the park we made a quick run up to Fry’s to pick up some groceries, and finished up our trip with a couple of Cinnamon Dolce Lattes at the store’s Starbuck’s

For dinner Jan fixed a couple of her deliciuos Chili Taco Salads, using Skyline Chili. Really good as usual.

Later after dinner, we did a 1+ mile walk around the park, and as usual, encountered a number of these cottontails. We’ve seen as many 10 at one time roaming around the park, with probably a lot more that we don’t see.


Cottontail 1

Some people put out carrots, while Jan decided to try some of the leftover lettuce from our salads tonight.

Finally one he fits in:

While we were at Sam’s, Jan picked up a slightly larger box for Mister. It’s a tight squeeze, and the sides bulge, but he fits. Just barely.

Mister in Small Box 2


Thought for the Day:

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." – George Washington


3 Responses

  1. I’ve only been gone since the first of this month and miss being there already… Thanks for the pictures…

  2. We’ve been gone exactly a week and are so sorry we left. Returned to Denver and a foot of snow, lows in the teens. Yuck.

  3. Ruth,

    That’ll teach you.

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