OK, Now I’m Confused . . .

Jan’s been wanting to have breakfast some morning, and today was the day. We decided to give Over Easy a try. A new entry in the “breakfast and lunch only” field, along with places like The Egg & I, Jimmy’s Egg, Le Peep, and others,

Over Easy

and it turns out, a pretty good entry, at that.

Jan went old-school with scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, but went a little wild with brioche toast, which she said was delicious.

Brioch French Toast

I, on the other hand, went with the Caramelized Banana and Pecan Brioche French Toast, and WOW, was it good. Hopefully we’ll go back.


Now that’s just pitiful!

Mister in Small Box

I’ve mentioned before how much Mister likes boxes, especially Amazon boxes like this one. He likes to curl up in them, and he likes to snack on them. But sometimes it’s a futile attempt.

He did try though, a valiant effort, but he just won’t fit. He’d sit in it, get out, turn around, look at it, then try it again from the other direction. Finally he just gave up and started chewing on it.

Whatever works, I guess.


It seems like every time I talk to Thousand Trails, I get more confused. I called today to first book the rest of our time here at Countryside and then book our two week stay at Tahoe Valley RV Park in South Lake Tahoe from 5/16 to 5/30.

I had been told last week that I could stay two weeks here at Countryside at $3 a night and then I would have to be out of the park for a week before I could come back in.

As it turned out, being ‘out the park’, just meant paying the $140 a week Passport America for one week, and then I could come back in for $3 a night until we leave the first of May.

Even though this was supposedly all set up it still took about 15 minutes to get it finalized, and they still got me booked into the wrong park to start with.

Then I tried to book the two weeks at Tahoe Valley and ran into another problem. Although I could see Tahoe Valley in my TT park list online, I couldn’t access it or book it myself.

When this happened when I tried to book our stay here at Countryside, I was once again told that we could use any park that was on our list, but if I couldn’t do it online, just call TT and they would take care of it.

But when I tried today, I was told that I couldn’t stay at that park. When I said I had repeatedly been told by them that if I could see a park I could stay there, the lady went off for about 10 minutes, before coming back and saying, well, I COULD stay there, but only in a tent. WTH?

When I asked her her what good was the list if it wasn’t correct, and how we could plan our travels under those circumstances, she didn’t really have an answer.

Finally I gave up, and figured I’d try again tomorrow and hopefully get someone else who could be more helpful.

A little later I started going through the online list, trying to determine what parks I could and could not visit.

I played around for a while, checking out different areas of the Thousand Trails site. And then all of a sudden I could access the Tahoe Village park. And the other ‘forbidden’ parks too.

But I thought I’d made a mistake when I started trying other things, going in and out of the program, and then suddenly it didn’t work anymore. And I hadn’t taken time to go ahead and book Tahoe Village while I could. But I keep on trying things and discovered the secret.

When you log into TT, you first see your profile page with your name, address, etc. A little further down the page, you find a drop-down box saying Select From Your Preserves. And note it says “Your” preserves.

When you select a regular TT park, you are taken to another page telling you about that particular park. Then up on the top left is a box that says Make A Reservation where you can do just that.

But if you first select a ‘forbidden’ park from the initial profile page, it doesn’t go anywhere. It merely refreshes the page and puts you right back where you started.

However on that same profile page, up on the left side, under the heading Quick Links, there is a Book A Reservation link at the very top. If you go here, you can select one of the ‘forbidden’ parks and book it. And I did.

And it’s not a Tent site either.

With that done, I went down to the office to pick up our Amazon package, and also be sure that when we change sites next Sunday, we go right back next door to #441 from #440. I’m glad I did because the computer had us moving to 507.

That taken care of,  I dropped off a stack of Gypsy Journal newspapers at the park laundry, a bag of garbage at the dumpster, and some mail, including the taxes, at the PO.

On the way home I stopped off to fill up the truck and discovered that overnight, unleaded had jumped 10 cents gallon. It was $3.49 yesterday and $3.59 everywhere today.

But diesel stayed the same. ???


6000 Miles to Go:

2013 Trip Map

This map diagrams our travels for pretty much the rest of the year. Leaving here at Apache Junction on May 1st, this 6000 miles gets us back to Houston on August 16th, just in time for Landon’s 3rd birthday.

After that we may gate guard for a few months before coming back to Houston right before Thanksgiving where we’ll spend the winter.


About 4:45 Nick and Terry showed up at our door, ready to go to supper. They had come by to check out their new site. They’re moving over here to Countryside to take advantage of the $3 a night cost.

We ended up at their favorite local Chinese Buffet, #1 Eastern Super Buffet. And it’s their favorite for a good reason. A really, really good reason, especially for the Hot & Sour Soup and the ribs.

Getting back to the rig, Jan and I headed out for our 1 mile+ walk before calling it a night.

It’ll be nice to have Nick and Terry closer to us starting tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

"Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American…[T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people." -  Tench Coxe, Economist, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Commissioner of Revenue of the United States.



6 Responses

  1. We’ve thought about joining Thousand Trails, but decided not to because it all sounds so confusing of where we can and cannot stay for how long. Your experience as posted is an example of all that confusion.

  2. Appreciate your sharing your experiences with different places…it will help newbies figure out what to try too…unbelievable mess with Thousand Trails…do they really want customers or not??

    Sounds fun having friends to link up with as you travel around…esp. ones you enjoy so much as Nick and Terry!!

    Animals sure add a lot to life don’t they?? I hope one day we can get a dog again!!

  3. Mister’s pic is priceless!!!

    Chris and Charles Yust C&C Marketing and Insurance GMAC Insurance Good Sam Extended Service Plan Good Sam Roadside Assistance Good Sam Travel Assist  NEW!! (936) 425-5041 Fax (866) 282-5420 e-mail:  cryust@yahoo.com  


    >________________________________ > From: Our RV Adventures >To: cryust@yahoo.com >Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 2:34 AM >Subject: [New post] OK, Now I’m Confused . . . > > > WordPress.com >ourrvadventures posted: “Jan’s been wanting to have breakfast some morning, and today was the day. We decided to give Over Easy a try. A new entry in the “breakfast and lunch only” field, along with places like The Egg & I, Jimmy’s Egg, Le Peep, and others, and it turns ou” >

  4. Chappy,

    Actually we love our TT membership. But dealing with them is no different than dealing with DirecTV, Dish, or any other large organization.

    TT is great, as long as you buy a used membership, not a new one.

    We got our membership free, because the person wanted to get rid of it. We only had to pay the $1000 transfer fee to TT.

    But since the person had already prepaid the year’s $650 annual dues, we actually only paid $350 for the year.

    For that we got 50 free nights of FHU camping, and then after that, we can stay at any TT park for just $5 per night for full hookups at places like Las Vegas, Orlando, and many others.

    Basing it on this year where we paid that full $650 dues, the 50 nights cost us $13 a night for places like Apache Junction, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and beautiful Bend OR.

    If you total it up all the free nights and the $5 nights during the year, we spend about $8 a night for full hookups in great locations

    Nick and Terry spend the winter moving back and forth between parks in Florida, from the Keys to Orlando.

    If you need any more info, let me know.

  5. when you booked Tahoe. did they give you a rate of 20% off since it is an Encore park or did they charge only $3.00 a night? Did you get a confirmation? We are confused members too and just getting started in the system. Any advise??
    Linda & Howie

  6. Linda,

    According to TT, we’re booked in there at an NC rate, which I assume means No Charge.

    It may be that we’re using some of our free 50 days.

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