The Final Iteration . . .

Some people retrace Route 66. Others see a baseball game at every Major League park in the country. Still others want to RV in every state in the US.

But Nick and I are different. But then you already knew that, didn’t you. No, Nick and I plan to eat our way through the 50 Fattest Foods in the US. I mean, we’ve certainly been in training for it, right?

Here are some of my favorites.


About 8000 calories.



Yes, they’re using Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the bun.



That’s a BLT with a pound of bacon.

I may have a head start on Nick, as I’ve eaten 15 of these dishes, though not necessarily in the state they’re listed with.

Hurry and catch up, Nick.


About 5:15 Jan and I headed over to Nick and Terry’s, and then out for dinner at SmashBurger.

We’d eaten at one a couple of years ago in Houston and really liked it, especially the fries.

They have regular fries of course, but they also have Smashfries, seasoned with rosemary, olive oil, and garlic. Really, really good. Even Nick liked them, and he’s pretty much a meat and plain potatoes kind of guy.

They also have Sweet Potato Fries and even Sweet Potato Smashfries. But even better, they have Veggie Frites. These are green beans and carrot sticks, flash-fried and then seasoned. Also really good.

Jan and I got an order of the Veggie Frites and an order of the Sweet Potato Smashfries and then split them with each other.                       

The burgers are good, but not quite as good as Five Guys. And of course, not nearly as good as Stomp’s Burger Joint back in Kemah, TX.

Stomps 4

That’s one that’s hard to beat.

After dinner we came back to Nick and Terry’s and listened to audition tapes from applicants to narrate Nick’s Kindle books.


I finally got my Taillight Test Box set up like I want it.

I added a power light because it’s sometimes hard to know if you’ve got a good connection on the battery terminals, and then I added a switch to turn the taillights on and off separately.

Taillight Test Box 2

The left switch is for master power, the middle switch controls the taillights, and the right switch moves left and right to control the turn signals.

Because I already had most of the parts, I only spent about $7 on it.

Anyone need their toad taillights tested?


Thought for the Day:

“War is very simple but the simplest things are very difficult.” – Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz



3 Responses

  1. But I have a round 7 pin connector on the cable that plugs into the back of the coach…. And its a pain to wire inside too…. LOL

  2. The Tail Light Tester looks good – if you decide to build them , I will be your first customer .

  3. Marvin,

    I’ll let you know if I decide to make anymore.

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