How Far We’ve Come . . .

My first crush died today. In fact I think Annette was most guys my age’s first love. This picture from Facebook says it all.

Annette and Mickey

I think it was the sweaters. Annette’s very tight sweaters. It was certainly noticeable that she was filling out her sweaters better than the other female Mouseketeers. In fact, the story goes that it was because Walt Disney was so cheap.

The Mickey Mouse Club was run on a very tight budget, especially for the wardrobe. A Mouseketeer would get in a lot of trouble if they damaged, or even got a costume dirty. So the wardrobe lady was very leery about replacing a costume, and as Annette continued to ‘blossom’ so to speak, the wardrobe lady tried to stretch/modify her old sweaters, rather than replace them with new, larger ones.

Walt, busy in trying to get Disneyland up and going, was not paying a lot of attention to the MMC until one day he showed up on the set and almost had a heart attack. He immediately ordered that Annette got larger sweaters as needed.



As the cold front came in last night, the high winds came along for the ride. A lot of debris was blown around the park, palm tree fronds,  potted plants, and even a satellite dish.

So of course Jan decided it was a good day to go shopping, so we headed out after lunch, first over to SanTan Village to the Bath and Body Works, then a clothing store and a couple of others before we finished up at a Fry’s Market for a few groceries and a Starbuck’s Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

The high winds didn’t cause any real problems, but it was raising a lot of dust in the area, enough to make it a real overcast afternoon.

Later, a little before 6, Jan and I drove over to Nick and Terry’s to meet up for supper. We ended up having a very good meal at a Golden Corral. We all agreed they have the best fried chicken around, and everything else was good also.

By the time we got home it was getting close to 9pm, and past Jan’s bedtime. It was also getting much cooler, in fact it dropped from 59 to 53 in just an hour or so.


Don’t know if any of you watch the Mad Men series on AMC. It’s the story of a 1960’s Madison Avenue ad agency, and there’s been a lot of controversy about an fictional ad for a men’s slack’s line called Mr. Leggs.


Viewers are apparently outraged that the show would even think about depicting a ad like this, one so obviously false and unreal.

I can only assume that these ‘outraged’ viewers weren’t around in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. They would have really gotten an eyeful.

Check out these print ads from the time period in question.


Yep, I bet she’ll never buy stale coffee again


Pep Vitamins

Maybe she should try “VitaMeataVegamin”. I’ll bet that would really ‘pep’ her up.


Burn The Beer

But he’s still upset that she burns the OJ every morning at breakfast.


Maybe it was just a really hot day. She might have enjoyed it.



Is this like having a tiger in your tank?



So if you wear a really ugly tie, you’ll get ‘breakfast’ in bed? Or maybe you just need to wear a really ugly TO bed.


MB Battleship

This one is the top of the box for Milton-Bradley’s Battleship. Note the wife and daughter in the corner doing the dishes. Apparently playing Battleship is ‘men’s work’.



This one is really more true than most husbands will admit. We just don’t like to see it actually written down. I know if Jan starts crying, I better do something even if it’s wrong.



Maybe she’ll follow him after the coughing fit subsides.



Will she polish them while she’s down there?adsfadf


This one actually has a more modern version.

Scares The Hell Out of Me

Somehow I don’t think a bath is going to fix things.



Yep. A Hoover under the tree. Just what she wanted.



Maybe that’s why they make ketchup in those pop top squeeze bottles now.

And finally, from the WW1 time frame, just what every young man wanted.



Thought for the Day:

Some people say that divorces are expensive because they’re worth it.



9 Responses

  1. Terry said if you need to, you can sleep on our couch for a night or two.

  2. Trouble is, Greg…men of my generation seemed to believe a lot of this!! Society always has a hard time finding the middle of the road on any issue I guess…and now we have come almost full circle…where tis ok to not only not open the door for a lady, but to slam it in her face in some cases!!

  3. Greg, I was saddened to hear of Annette’s passing also. In 1955, I met her when we attended the same school (North Hollywood Jr. High). I had a real crush on her and even had the chance to dance with her in gym class. She was only in the school for a few weeks and then went to MMC and I never saw her again.

  4. Greg,
    You are sure right. I told my wife, last night my 1st love died and like you it was Annette. Funny how she looked on the show and then he didn’t want her to be in a 2 piece bikini for the “BEACH” movies in the hip 60’s.
    Have you looked at any of them lately? Bad movies, Annette save them all.

  5. Every boy that had a TV and watched MMC had dreams about Annette……. She seemed so much bigger than life… So sad that her life turned out to have so many challenges… Perhaps she is free of these problems now….

  6. The Van Heusen d was ahead of its time by showing DVDs on the guys neck tie. And the machine gun toy. No comment!

  7. Elizabeth,

    I’ve had it happen exactly the opposite.

    I was brought up in the South, and I pretty much open the door for everyone, especially ladies.

    But Jan can attest that that several times, holding the door for ladies (and I use the term loosely) I have literally been cussed out for daring to hold the door open for a group of women.

    I’ve been told “Do you think I’ve too weak or too stupid to open my own door?”

    I told that one that I didn’t know if she was too weak or too stupid, but I did know that her mother hadn’t taught her any manners”

    I thought she was going to attack me. But at least a couple of her friends started giggling.

  8. Neat. That’s a great story.

  9. George,

    Could be. But I took those to be 45rpm records.

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