Wrapping Up . . .

here in Tucson.

Today is our last full day in Tucson for this trip. It’s been a great time, but we’re really looking forward to moving on, especially since we’re heading up to Apache Junction, where we’ve never spent any time.

New is almost always good. Usually.

We decided we needed one more Brushfire BBQ fix so we headed out about 10:30, but this time we just split a Rib-Brisket Combo Plate. Even that was a lot of food. But it was as delicious as before.

Getting home, I got back to work wrapping up my two electrical projects. First up, I redid the grounds on my truck taillights, and that seems to have fixed my problem once and for all. I hooked the truck up to the rig and tested all the lights. And now everything works.

Next up was my dash lights/Headlights-On Alarm. I decided not to do anything about the headlight switch problem that’s causing the dash lights to work intermittently. I can make them work by fooling with the switch, and I don’t want to try to get it out/repaired and not have it working when we travel tomorrow.

So I went ahead and installed my Headlights-On Alarm, got it tested and the dashboard put back together, so we’re ready to roll tomorrow morning.

We don’t plan to leave here tomorrow before about 11 because it’s only about 150 mile trip to Apache Junction, and TT parks sometimes get fussy if you arrive before the check-in time of 2pm. So we’re probably going to go up to Bruegger’s Bagels for coffee and a breakfast sandwich before we head out.


Thought for the Day:

A gun is like a parachute.
If you NEED one and don’t have one…
You are likely to never need one again.



3 Responses

  1. Be sure to go to Tortilla Flats, AZ 88 and on to Lake Roosevelt. Beautiful drive in a car. Don’t take the MH.

  2. We plan on taking them up that way, Donna.

  3. With all of the flowers in bloom it should be a gorgeous drive.

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