Cactus and Fried Chicken . . .

Well, I finally tracked down the elusive extra circuit breakers for our site and they were both popped. There is master circuit breaker panel at the far end of the row that also has 30 amp breakers in it. But it is strange that it’s always the ones in the remote panel that blow, and not the ones on the site pedestal.

Resetting them put power back to the pedestal by our site. But since the park is emptying out, no one is likely to park beside us before we have to leave next Sunday, so I probably won’t go to the trouble to switch us back.

In anticipation of heading up to Apache Junction next week I’ve been checking out RV parks in the area and it looks pretty promising. I found several parks that start giving long-term Passport America discounts beginning April 1st, rather than the 1 or 2 nights during the season.

One of them, Santa Fe RV Park, let’s you stay for 14 days for $13.50 a night under PA. That’s $94.50 a week, cheaper than we’re paying here at the fairgrounds. I called Nick to check it out with him and he said he’d drive through it and let me know.

About 11am I walked down to the park office and re-upped for another week. I was hoping we could stay until Monday, but the lady confirmed they will be closing the park on Sunday and we have to be out.

A few minutes later Chris and Charles Yust showed up after finishing up at the FMCA Rally down the road at Lazy Days. After they got settled we all headed out about noon to check out the Saguaro National Park, about 10 miles north of here.

Seguaro NP Visitors Center

After getting our National Park Passports stamped, we headed out on the 8 mile loop through the park.

The variety of cacti are just amazing.


Cactus 2

Cactus 3

Cactus 4

And many of the cacti were just beginning to bloom.

Cactus Blooms 2

Cactus Blooms 3

Cactus Blooms 4

Cactus Blooms 5

Cactus Blooms 6

And of course the name-sake Saguaro cacti were everywhere.

Seguaro Cactus

Seguaro Cactus 2

Seguaro Cactus 3

Cactus 5

These are Saguaro ‘bones’ or ‘ribs’.

Cactus Bones 1

These rods are what’s left of a Saguaro after it dies.

Cactus Bones 2

And sometimes ii’s all about the view.

Cactus 6

Cactus Rocks

On our way back from the Saguaro NP, Nick called and said they had just driven through the Santa Fe RV Park in Apache Junction and it looked really nice. Paved.streets, concrete pads, very nice. So I’ll give them a call in the next couple of days and try to set it up.

Since it was now getting to be supper time we decided to eat at Poco & Mom’s, a small family run restaurant that our Tucson friend’s Al and Adrienne had taken us to several years ago. Really good Mexican food with a lot of Hatch green chilies.

Well, I knew they were closed on Mondays, but what I didn’t remember is that they close at 2pm on Sundays. Bummer!

So after a couple of minutes of discussion we headed down the road to Golden Corral. They can sometimes be hit or miss, but one was really good. Delicious Prime Rib, great Fried Chicken, fish, etc. All good.

Tomorrow is another day.


Thought for the Day:

"Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes." – Thoreau


7 Responses

  1. Greg,

    Bill and I have stayed at Santa Fe and I we really felt like it was a bargain. We have friends, Sandie and Jim Dixon, who keep the same lot. They are in the pet section which stays pretty full.

  2. Ah. Fond memories of the unique desert landscape and flora. Good pics.

  3. As for Santa Fe RV park, our friends Jim and Sandie Dixon rent their site there annually.. I have never heard them say anything bad about the place… And you are only a couple of miles North of the main downtown area of AJ…

  4. Jan,

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like a nice, CHEAP park.

    My kind of place.

  5. Rod,

    Thanks for the update.

    Several people have said the same thing.

  6. I think you are TTN members and if so you can stay at Countryside RV for $3 a night. Their address is 2701 S Idaho Rd, Apache Junction. It is just north of the 60 and we have stayed there many times. You can book your rez on line at the TTN site.

  7. Ellen,

    Thanks for the tip.

    We’ll check it out.

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