Delorme and Silverleaf . . .

After Jan and I had a nice, quiet morning here at the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park, we headed out a little after 1pm for a couple of errands, the main one being Sam’s Club to pick up one of Jan’s prescriptions, and a couple of other things. Coming back in the direction of the park we drove down Campbell Ave to check out the location of the new Grimaldi’s Pizzeria here in Tucson. After our visit to the one in San Antonio a week or so ago, we certainly want to eat here before we leave.

Chris Yust, our GMAC Insurance rep had called earlier in the day to say they were heading this way and wanting directions to the park here. They were coming in from Yuma to a rally that starts here on Wednesday.

Later in the afternoon I stowed away the Acer laptop that I used to display my Delorme Street Atlas GPS mapping program and my Silverleaf engine computer display.

Silverleaf 2

In checking the display before I shut it down, I was surprised to find that, even with the heavy headwinds we encountered coming to Tucson from Las Cruces, I used 31.2 gallons of diesel for a total of 259.1 miles traveled. This makes it 8.3 mpg, not bad for the trip at 55-60 mph.

I also finished mapping out all the RV parks we’ve stayed at in the last 5+ years. That’s 267 parks ranging from Key West, FL to Fairbanks, AK, and from San Diego to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Master RV Parks List

We’ve actually been all the way out to Newfoundland, but we left the RV in Louisbourg, NS and just took the truck over on the ferry, staying in B & B’s as we traveled down the 500 mile length of the island.

Of course in 5 years we’ve spend more than 267 nights on the road, but we’ve stayed at many of these parks multiple times. For example, we’ve stayed here at Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park 4 times, and other parks as many as 5 times. When you find a good park in an area, you tend to stick with it.

Later, after Chris and Charles Yust had arrived and got parked and set up, we all headed out to Luckie’s Thai, our favorite local Chinese place. And yes, I know it’s says Thai, but they have a full Chinese menu too. We’ll go back again.


Thought for the Day:

“Science could cure AIDS, cancer, and the common cold by noon on Tuesday, and the news media would still find a way of making it sound like a bad day.” – Eolake Stobblehouse



5 Responses

  1. Love your thought for the day–the exact reason I seldom watch TV.

  2. No fair! What a resource on camping and the jpg is too small to see…
    Could you save it as a larger image when we click on it ?

    I have been saving info on Street Atlas too, but have not yet started a “been-there” campground map. I like the idea ! Thanks !

  3. Greg are you still using the diesel fuel additive Cetain (sp??)… if so do you think it has help your mileage?

  4. Sorry Its called Diesel Kleen.

  5. Chris,

    I still use it about every 3rd tank. I use it for the cleaning properties as much as anything.

    It’s really hard to tell about the MPG, but mine is pretty good.

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