They’re Baacck!

Today started out for me with some last minute errands, one of which was still trying to find some tire valve extensions. But everywhere I checked either didn’t have any, or or else only had the 15” ones, way too long for what I need. So when I got home, I ordered some from Amazon and had them delivered to our next park in Tucson.

Jan’s day started out with making cookies, not for us, but as a Welcome to New Mexico gift for Nick Russell. Well, Nick and Terry, but who knows if Terry will get any.

Nick and Terry finally pulled into Coachlight RV Park about 3:30 and parked right next door to us. We haven’t seen them since we split up in Savannah, GA the end of last October, Nick and Terry heading down to Florida for the winter, with Jan and I starting to work our way back to Houston.

So it was really good to get back together again, even if it will only be for one day right now. Tomorrow morning they’re heading for Apache Junction, and Jan and I are heading for Tucson for a week or so. Then we’ll meet up again soon after.

After they got set up, we talked for a good while, trying to catch up on the last 4 months. But realizing it was going to take a lot longer, and that everyone was getting hungry, about 4:30 we all headed over to ChaChi’s, the same place Jan and I ate last night. It was that good.

Nick and I both had the 10oz Sirloin smothered in queso, while Jan and Terry had combination plates. All delicious.

And as usual when we all get together, we spent longer talking after dinner than we spent eating dinner.

After dinner, since we both need to fill up on diesel tomorrow as we leave Las Cruces, we checked out a couple of truck stops near the park for accessibility.

Getting back to the park we all sat around for an  hour or so, talking about what we’d done since we’d last seen each other, and what we plan for the rest of the year.’

We’ll see how it goes.


Thought for the Day:

The internet doesn’t make you stupid, it just makes your stupidity more accessible to others.



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