R.I.P. El Comedor . . .

Tomorrow I’ll recap the last few days and catch you up on everything.


We couldn’t take another day of bad cell service and no Internet service, so we pulled out of Saddleback Mountain RV Park a day early and a little after 10am, stopping at the office/convenience store to get a couple of coffee/cappuccinos for the road, and also to weasel a refund for the one day early that we were leaving.

Hey! $20 is $20.

At our first rest stop about 70 miles down the road, Jan took over the driving for about a hundred miles or so. Although there was a little wind, it wasn’t enough to bother her and she said she really enjoyed it. The drive, not the wind. But she didn’t feel up to driving through El Paso so I took over at a rest area about 20 miles out.

A little after that point we passed into the Mountain Time Zone and it was suddenly an hour earlier. Nice!

Going through El Paso was pretty smooth with a couple of short slowdowns to 45, but most of it was 55/60 the rest of the way.

So after a really smooth trip, we pulled into the Coachlight RV Park, found our spot and got set up.

About 4:30 we headed out to have supper at La Posta de Mesilla, one of our favorite local eateries. The restaurant itself has been here since 1939, but the building has been here since the 1840’s, In that time it’s been everything from an important stop on Butterfield Stagecoach Line to The Corn Exchange Hotel, one of the finest in the Southwest. And people such as Kit Carson, Billy the Kid, and Pancho Villa, have visited here. Some real history.

I first ate here in the early 1980’s when I was working for NASA at the Shuttle Backup Landing Site on White Sands Missile Range, and I’ve been enjoying it every since.

And tonight was no exception. We both had the La Posta Combination Plate, a combination of folded taco, chile relleno, and green chile enchilada with ground beef served with beans and rice.

La Posta Platter

Pretty much the same thing we have every time. It’s that good.

Heading home, we found that one of our other favorite local places, El Comedor, is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its maker! It’s bereft of life. It’s boarded up and closed down. Darn!

El Comedor RIP

Coming back the the park, we stopped off at a couple of truck stops so I could see if they carried the 7” Dual Tire Valve Extensions for my inside dual tires.

It looks like that when the repair shop took my rear tires off on the passenger side to replace my oil seal this past Monday, I didn’t get my original extension back. This one is a different color, the threads are messed up, and it seems to be leaking. So a new one is in order.

But neither truck stop had any so I’ll have to look elsewhere tomorrow.

On a final note, I’m sure glad to be back in an area with 5 bars of 4G.


Thought for the Day:

Gun control: Steady firm grip, target within sights, squeeze the trigger slowly . . .



15 Responses

  1. It is sad to hear that El Comedor is gone since we have eaten there when in town. One trick we found with La Posta is to call ahead to get on the list, but that is for later dinner times than you went.

  2. we feel exactly the same about being without service!

  3. I remember loosing a passanger side power window regulator on the Jeep at El Comedor once, I think we were with friends.

  4. We stayed at the Coachlight RV park also last January Greg. While we were there we visited White Sand NP and missle range museum. Fascinating places and it must have been fun to work at the range.
    Unfortunately while we were at WS missle test range a missle test they were doing ran amok and can very close to killing Caron. I happen to get it all on video too.


    Link to a little video halfway down the blog page called “close call for caron…”
    The MPs tried to get the vid file from me but we made a run for it,
    Well I ran but Caron hobbled, across the desert and back to coachlight….whew!!

  5. Greg,

    Valve extensions can be bought on line. I used to carry a few spares just in case.

  6. Try your local Pep Boys for a valve stem. We are getting ours there.

  7. Too late now, but a good way to avoid I10 through ElPaso is to take 285 from Ft Stockton to 652, over to 180. Great 2 lane hiway, zilch traffic, much more senic that i10/120. A couple of mountains climb, but no big. Crosses the North side of ElPaso with much less traffic.

  8. I’m sure you can get a valve extension at a Pilot/FlyingJ along the hiway.

  9. Chris, the video is incredible! I had to gasp, it looked like Caron went up in flames… When we went thru that same checkpoint, the guards told us not to look at the nearby mountains! So what do you think we did as soon as we got out of their sight…

  10. Bill,

    That’s why we usually go to La Posta around 4pm so we never have a wait.

  11. I don’t think that was El Comedor.

    Seems like they were closed that day, and we went to the Italian restaurant down the street.

  12. George,

    I was trying to find them here before we hit the road again, but never could find any here.

    So I went ahead and ordered them from Amazon.

  13. The Pep Boys here was out of them. I also checked O’Reilly’s, Advanced, etc. with no luck.

    I finally ordered some from Amazon.

  14. Don,

    That’s pretty much the way Nick Russell came in today. We may try it next time.

  15. Don,

    That’s what I thought, but I checked Pilot, Loves, TA, etc. here in Las Cruces with no luck.

    They either didn’t have any, or they had the ones that are about 15″ long.

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