YAY! Jan’s Home . . .

After cleaning up the RV and getting rid of all the liquor bottles and other evidence of the partying that went on while Jan was gone, I headed out for Gina’s about 11am. Along the way I stopped off at the DQ in Startzville to pick up a couple of her favorite Strawberry Malts to take with me.

I got to Gina’s about 1pm, and after getting all of Jan’s stuff loaded up, we headed out for home. But since Jan hadn’t had lunch yet, we drove over to Milagro’s to have a late lunch of Shrimp Enchiladas for Jan and a Ground Beef Taco Salad for me. And it was the usual great meal we get here.

Then it was back on the road to Medina Lake. Then just after we crossed US281 at Spring Branch, we made a Starbuck’s stop for a couple of Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, our favorites.

Along the way we passed this entrance to a high-end subdivision. Someone really wanted this road cut through solid rock and spent a lot of money doing it.

Subdivision Rock Cut

And from the road you can see it winds all the way up the mountain that way.


Getting into Boerne, I made a couple of quick stops at RadioShack and Home Depot before getting back to the rig about 5pm. And boy, were the cats happy to see her.

And so were the deer. Jan went out pretty quickly and started putting out the food for them, and they came from everywhere. You’d think I hadn’t been feeding them while she was gone.

Jan’s sister Debbie sent over another snow-covered bird feeder photo.

Debbie's Bird Feeder 2

Too much snow for my taste.

Tomorrow we drive over to San Antonio for some shopping before we head out for Balmorhea, TX on Monday morning.


Thought for the Day:

"In the Beginning there was nothing, which exploded." – Terry Pratchett



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