Mushrooms and Wild Seeds . . .

Today was a busy travel day, just not in the rig, but in our truck. We left the park about 9:30am, heading for Fredericksburg 60 miles away.

The reason was to eat lunch at Der Lindenbaum, probably the best German restaurant we’ve ever eaten at.

Der Lindenbaum

It’s pretty much a given that if we’re in the area, we’ll eat here at least once. Or more.

Jan had her favorite Jager Schnitzel, which is a pork cutlet, breaded and pan-fried, and then covered in a fresh mushroom gravy, along with hot German potato salad and red cabbage.

I had the Burgermeister Platter, which consists of bratwurst, knockworst, and weinerwurst sausages, along with warm sauerkraut, spicy German mustard, and of course, red cabbage. It’s not really German food if you don’t have red cabbage.

Before we left we got an order of the Jager Schnitzel to take with us to Gina’s since it’s her favorite too.

After lunch we headed out for our friend Gina’s about 50 miles away. But about 8 miles out of town we made at quick stop at Wildseed Farms

Wildseed Farms 1

Wildseed Farms is another place Jan always wants to stop when we’re passing though this area. Wildseed Farms 2

It’s a combo gift shop, plant nursery, seed farm, landscape supply, and cat store.

Not cat house, cat store.

Wildseed Farms 3

There are always 3 or 4 cats sleeping on the long checkout counter, just waiting for a passing customer to lavish some attention on them.

Wildseed Farms 4

Wildseed Farms 6

Wildseed Farms 5

Then it was off again to Gina’s, getting to the ranch a little before 2pm, and I was glad to see my Amazon packages waiting for me. Would hate to have them sent after us if they didn’t come in on time.

After getting Jan settled in and getting my hugs in with Gina, I headed off to a nearby Subway to stock them up on sandwiches.

Jan will be staying with Gina until Saturday, while I come back to the rig and take care of things on this end.

So after checking out a problem with Gina’s color laser printer, I headed back to the rig about 4pm. Right outside of Boerne, I stopped at a Valero to get a coffee, and then another stop at Home Depot to pick up a couple of things.

Getting back to the park about 5:30, I tried to track down a UPS package I was expecting, but all the offices were closed, so I’ll try again tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery. — Winston Churchill



3 Responses

  1. Der Lindenbaum didn’t strike any memories with me until I saw its picture… and then I said hey we ate there too…. And you started to describe the meal you had, and that was the same plate I ordered too…. The one with the different kinds of sausages… Its really a small world once you get out with the motorhome and go see it!

  2. Rod,

    Yeah, while we were waiting for Der Lindenbaum to open, we were talking with another couple. I noticed he was wearing a Holiday Rambler hat and ask if they were RV’ers. They said yes, and that they were parked at an RV park right outside of town.

    Like you said, it’s a small world.

  3. Glad to hear you had a good experience with Der Lindenbaum. We, unfortunately, had a terrible experience about a year ago. A number of our group were in town for a GTG. They have a policy of refusing to do separate checks for parties over 6. Five of us arrived and sat together at one table. Another group of four arrived about 10 minutes later and were at another table. About 15 minutes later 4 more people came in and were seated at a third table. Imagine our shock when one bill was presented with a lump sum on it (not even broken out by meal) which they expected one person to pay. So even though 3 different tables with 3 different arrival and ordering times as well as different food delivery times, they combined them to use their over 6 people limit because “we knew each other”. Guess the locals can’t eat there because they “know” each other too. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had because they were so rude. Another couple we “knew” arrived as we were leaving. He was handicapped and they put them at a table his wheelchair would not go under even though another table that would have worked fine was vacant. They were told they couldn’t move because they had already been seated….so they left. Granted the manager wasn’t there but we were also told the manager wouldn’t be available until the next day. Sorry to go on about this but it really was a nasty experience. The food was fine so go there as a couple but be sure you don’t greet anyone else in the restaurant.

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