It’s Delightful . . .

is what Jan said today was like, just sitting around enjoying the RV life, and pretty much doing nothing.

Later in the afternoon I did cross off some small items on my To-Do list. Wouldn’t want to get out of practice.

I did spend some time this afternoon looking at the problem with my toad taillights while I’m towing. They were working when I hooked up at Canyon Lake, but they weren’t working when we got to here at Lakehills. My U-Haul brand taillight converter has LED’s on the output connector, and although the rig lights were working, the LED lights showed no output from the converter. So it seemed like there was a problem with the converter.

But today when I turned my headlights and emergency flashers on and went out to check I found the converter working fine. Although I can’t find the manual for the converter, it seems like I remember that this one has a short circuit shutdown mode, so that may be what’s happening.

So now I guess I’ll have to go back and check out my toad lights again.

It’s always something.

For dinner, I once again fixed us Ground Beef Taco Salads just like we had last night. It was good enough to have two nights in a row and we wanted to use up the last of the lettuce mix.

After dinner we sat outside and watched the deer come running after Jan put out the last of the feed. Guess we’re due for another trip to the feed store. Just need to find one around here.

Since we didn’t satisfy our steak craving the other night, tomorrow we’re going to drive into San Antonio, about 50 miles away, do some shopping and then eat at the Magic Time Machine, probably our favorite San Antonio restaurant.


Thought for the Day:

"I have habits that are older than the people telling me they’re bad for me."



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  1. Greg, Deer shed there horns yearly and I would expect that is what is happening with this buck. Jim Swan

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