What Do They Know?

Last night weather.com said the low was supposed to be about 35, but when I woke a little before 5am, it was 29 degrees. By 6 it was down to 26 degrees. I got up several times until it started warming up about 7 to run the water in the lavatory long enough to get the warmer ground water into the hose and pipes. The last time I turned it on it easy to tell that the line had started to ice up before the warmer water thawed it out.

Before we left Canyon Lake this past Monday I mention how I upgraded my toad taillights to separate bulbs rather than sharing the truck lights through diodes. And I was happy to see that when I hitched up the toad before we headed out, everything was working fine.

But when we stopped to unhitch, the lights were not working. The output plug from the taillight converter has indicator lights on it that show when the signals are coming out of the converter, and no lights were now visible. So it may be the taillight converter has died. I’ll have to check it out before we leave here on March 11th.

Another thing on the To-Do List.

Another thing that I fixed lately was the inside latch on our shower door.

Door Latch

This would be the 3rd time I’ve needed to replace it in 5 years. What happens is that the small spring inside the latch that pushes out the part that actually latches the door shut, rusts out due to the water from the shower getting into it.

I first tried some spray lubricant, but that washed away after a while. Then I tried some silicone grease, but that liquefied due to the hot water hitting the latch and also ran out on the floor, making things slippery.

So this time, rather than replacing the latch again, I cut a strip of stiff plastic from some packaging, folded it in half without crimping it, and stuck it down inside the locking bar. The latch now springs out like it should and certainly won’t rust.

Another item off the list.

For dinner I fixed us Ground Beef Taco Salads once again, a quick, easy, and delicious meal. We’ll probably have them again tomorrow to use up the last of the lettuce before it goes bad.

About 6pm Jan went out to feed the deer once again, and once again, she was very popular. You stand there looking a single deer, turn your back for a few seconds, then turn back around and there’s 30 or 40 of them standing there staring at you, waiting to be fed.

Medina Deer 2


It looks like this guy put one of his horns where he shouldn’t have.

One Horned Deer

Tomorrow, more of the same.


Thought for the Day:

Why are there so many Twits on Twitter?



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