Beautiful Lake Medina . . .

or not.

Today was our first “do absolutely nothing” day in a good while. I even resisted the temptation to dabble on my To-Do list. Jan and I just sat around the rig and caught up on a lot of our DVR’d stuff.


Lake Medina Site

Medina Lake TT is pretty nice, with almost 400 sites, some heavily treed, but many others with good satellites views.

Unfortunately the coveted lakeside sites leave something to be desired.

Like a lake.

This used to be a boat launching ramp.

Beautiful Lake Medina 1

Due to the recent drought, this manmade 5,426 acre (18 miles by 3 miles) lake is empty, and has been since last year.

Beautiful Lake Medina 2

People are even driving out on the lake bed.

Beautiful Lake Medina 3


One thing I noticed while I was reading through the park literature is the fact that it cost to receive a package here, $2.50 for each and every one. I’ve never seen this at any RV park before, much less a Thousand Trails park.

Hope this doesn’t spread.

After lunch I got out the slow cooker and poached a bunch of chicken breasts for soups and other dishes for the rest of the week.

For dinner we made ground beef taco salads, using this seasoned hamburger meat we buy at Wal-Mart.

Texas Chili Beef Chili

It comes refrigerated, but freezes well. And it really tastes good. But it also keeps from smelling up the rig by cooking hamburger inside, or dragging out the grill and doing it outside.

As much as I like eating at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, 19 inches of snow would certainly dampen my ardor.

Amarillo Snow

Really glad we’re about 500 miles south of there. Even so, it’s supposed to be 38 degrees here in Lakehills tonight, and that’s cold enough for me.


Thought for the Day:

All that is required for evil to advance is for government to do "something"



5 Responses

  1. Our daughter and son-in-law live in Amarillo and she said that it is terrible there. Traffic has been almost at a stand still. Our other girls live in Kansas and they have had about 22-23 inches of snow and have been off work and grandkids out of school for almost a week now. Sure glad we’re not up at our house right now…Brrrr…too cold for me.

    Glad you posted about Medina Lake. We are thinking about going up there one of these days for some time off…right now we are north of Huntsville on the easiest Gate we have ever worked…we have only been signing in about 8-15 people in a day and it’s been pretty much only daylight hours..

    Enjoy your travels..hope we can meet you guys again in person sometime.

  2. ahhh. . .well along with Medina, TT at Conroe and Columbus also charge to receive packages. . .not sure about any others, but I know those three do for a fact. We normally rotate between the three of them during the winter months. . .

  3. Actually, we got the chili meat at Krogers. But we’ve read that a number of stores carry this, in Texas. So we are going to stock up on it. So good on a Taco salad.

  4. Lynette,

    8 to 15 vehicles a day!

    Can we have that gate when we start up again in August?

    Sounds like our very first gate last year, but it only lasted 10 days.

    Medina is a nice park. Just don’t expect to go water-skiing anytime soon.

  5. Janice,

    Darn! Sorry to hear that.

    When we’re parked somewhere for a while we keep the UPS and Fedex guys busy delivering things from Amazon.

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